Nadine Dorries to turn into pumpkin shock

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Tuesday, October 30th, 2007
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Some chap called Peter has announced on the Nadine Dorries weblog (semi-functional permalink here) that; “Nadine will be blogging at one minute past midnight, there is a reason why!”

If you don’t know why this might (stress might) be of interest, then you may as well move along now.

UPDATE (12:10) – Tut. It’s about politics. I was expecting something interesting, like her warranty running out or something. I wanted to see a woman living on the *edge*…

UPDATE – Here’s what has Nadine’s frilly white knickers in a twist. If you like, you can enjoy some background from Rhetorically Speaking or Ministry of Truth. Or, you can meekly accept Iain Dale’s softballing of her views to the public, where the only challenges to this associate of his are the words ‘controversial’ and a recently-revised policy on deployment of quotation marks when using the words ‘abortion industry’.

Speaking of which…

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