Rest in carefully manipulated pieces

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 17, 2007

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Guardian/PA – Menezes image ‘dishonestly changed’: A composite image comparing Jean Charles de Menezes and Hussain Osman shown to a jury by lawyers for the Metropolitan Police was dishonestly manipulated, it has been claimed. The picture, containing half the face of innocent Brazilian Mr de Menezes and half the face of terrorist Osman was produced at the force’s Old Bailey trial. It was claimed to illustrate the difficulties officers would have had in differentiating the two. But Clare Montgomery QC, prosecuting, told the court that it had been altered “by either stretching or resizing so the face ceases to have its correct proportions”. The judge, Mr Justice Henriques, told the jury: “A serious allegation has been made that a picture has been manipulated so as to mislead.”

Telegraph – Picture of Menezes and bomber ‘manipulated’: The image was used to show how officers, who shot Mr de Menezes dead in July 2005, may have had difficulty telling the difference between the two men… Michael George, a forensics consultant, produced an alternative image, which was shown to the jury, in which the two faces have different skin tones and their mouths and noses are not aligned.

BBC – Menezes picture ‘was manipulated’: Ronald Thwaites QC, defending, asked Mr George whether there had been any manipulation “of the primary features of the face”. Mr George replied: “I don’t believe there has been any… but making the image brighter has changed the image.”


  1. scotch says

    I’m pretty sure you could have put half of my face next to half of another pasty white bloke and you would have ID’d me.Does “making the image brighter” equate to making the image…whiter?

  2. GusA says

    In other circumstances this would be gold-dust, in these when state murders have already been let off, its meaningless. Harry Stanley anyone?The British State acts at will. There is no justice.

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