Somewhere, right now, a Tory is screaming “Witch hunt!”

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 5, 2007

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Via Tom:

Kevin Maguire – Cam’s big speech con: If David Cameron’s audition to be a cable TV daytime host was unscripted, a line swallowed by many newspapers and broadcasters, can anyone explain why the “speech writer” was last night having his hand shaken by fellow Tories? A lawyer acquaintance waiting in a Euston station taxi queue at about 7.45 watched as a well spoken man enjoyed the plaudits of fellow Cons fresh off the train from Blackpool. Anyone know him? He looked in his 30s, fairish hair, dark suit. chequed shirt and a tie with an emblem or motif from a university or club. Reading a London Evening Standard headline hailing “1 hour 10 mins without a script”, he laughed and claimed he wrote the address before boasting “they believe he extemporised!” Another Tory laughed too then grabbed his hand before saying: “Seriously though, great speech. Congratulations.” That Cameron somehow made it up as he went along, apart from a few notes, is the best piece of spin for years.

Oh, yes please… let’s find/identify this man. We should at least give him the opportunity to deny it.


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  1. Jherad says

    Well, at least according to Tara Hamilton-Miller writing for the New Statesman… :–'On Sunday evening, Cameron's speechwriting team of Steve Hilton and Danny Kruger were ensconced in the leader's suite at the Imperial. The first draft was too long at 12,000 words, so they were up into the early hours meticulously slashing it. "The danger is you have to cover everything without making it look like a shopping list, but you don't want to lose the theme," said an aide.'

  2. Justin says

    Hmmm. The two posts under that one of Maguire's make for interesting reading as well. Looks like the nasty party is back. If it ever went away.

  3. Manic says

    Jherad: Ta for that. Danny Kruger has mouse-brown hair and Steve Hilton has very little, but they're worth a look-see.Justin: Gah! MISREPRESENTATION! Why so much HATE?;o)

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