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Added under ‘associates’:
Mr Eugenides – Don’t always agree with him, but enjoy the read regardless.
Devil’s Kitchen – Don’t always f**king agree with him, but enjoy the c**ting read regardless.
Matt Wardman – Actually thinks about ‘little’ things like crowds and Google.
Hopi Sen – Anyone who can earn one of these from Iain Dale is well worth my time and yours.
Leon GreenSensible, brain-engaging chap with a sense of humour.
Ben Goldacre – Out there inviting scrutiny on his own site instead of leaving it to the newspaper to (maybe) do it for him.
Richard Bartholomew – Good, clear-headed forensics.

Removed from ‘associates’:
British Bullshit Foundation – Has closed.
Not Saussure – Has been inactive for far too long.

Updated under ‘associates’:
Tim Worstall – I prefer the broadsheet.

Added under ‘sources’:
Liberal Conspiracy – I have faith in its potential as an information/opinion feed.

Updated and moved to the very top of the otherwise purely-alphabetical list under ‘associates’:
Justin McKeating – Trust and respect.
Craig Murray – Trust and respect.
Septicisle – Trust and respect.
Garry Smith – Trust and respect.
Clive Summerfield – Trust and respect.
Unity – Trust and respect.

Has never been on my blogroll:
Iain Dale – Initially, because he thought that blogroll links were designed to be handed out like candy and then became a pest about it. Later, because… well, I don’t want to spoil the party, so I’ll just leave it at that, shall I?

[Note – I’ll be a busy bunny tomorrow and a persistent publishing glitch has returned to haunt the comments function. If you do leave a comment, even if you’re a regular/trusted commenter, it may not appear until late tomorrow afternoon. Cheers all.]

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