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Monday, December 3rd, 2007
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under The Political Weblog Movement. has now taken action to remove the dirty great loophole in their system that allowed comment contributors on many weblogs to pose as other bloggers – including other users of their own damn system:

Blogger in Draft – New feature: OpenID commenting

It seems a bit of a nuclear option at first, especially as they’ve disabled the link/name facility for *all* users of, but only made the new OpenID system available to those who use (or are vaguely aware of) Blogger in Draft.

But users of who are aware of Blogger in Draft can quickly update their settings to allow OpenID-enabled comments, thereby immediately opening the door to any registered user of OpenID, AOL, LiveJournal, WordPress or TypeKey; these users will then be able to leave a comment using their name/nickname and a link to their main site or profile.

(Using a Technorati profile is somewhat problematic, but it’s early days yet.)

Easy-to-follow instructions can be found here.

UPDATE – Top marks to MatGB, who said nearly a year ago that “Blogger should start supporting OpenID…” (Erm… and that I should as well. A good point, but I’m not feeling terribly confident about MT plug-ins lately. Since the server move forced by Usmanov, the back-end of Bloggerheads has been decidely shaky… and I’m one of the luckier ones.)

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