Tony Blair to ‘do God’ in a new (and totally unexpected) manner

Posted by Tim Ireland at December 22, 2007

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Guardian – After 30 years as a closet Catholic, Blair finally puts faith before politics

Justin McKeating – BREAKING NEWS: Blair anointed Left Footer: It’s official: Tony Blair has converted to Catholicism in time for Christmas… Apparently Blair, when giving his first confession as a Catholic, took with him a crib sheet of his sins to help him remember them. It took six Hercules military transport planes to deliver it.

You may as well add this to the current list of theories:

I reckon the sneaky bugger was waiting until Cherie reached menopause. He is, after all, a five-times-a-night man.


  1. Wolf Solent says

    Here's a thing, though – about fifty years ago, there was a notable court case in Northern Ireland which touched on precisely how one becomes a Catholic. A wealthy Colonel had left money to his son on condition that he never became a Catholic; however, following the second world war, he did just that. There was a strong suggestion that he had delayed his formal conversion until after his mother had died – and it was stated in court by a senior theologian from the main Catholic seminary in Ireland that if one sincerely wishes communion with the Catholic Church but delays formal conversion for reasons of expediency, one has effectively excommunicated oneself.

  2. Manic says


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