So what’s going on here, then? (Part Two)

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Monday, January 28th, 2008
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Note #1: This probably won’t last for long, as Staines is lurking nearby (even though he’d never admit it).

Note #2: I am *not* including a hyperlink, because this has nothing to do with the redirection code that proves how sensitive Paul Staines is to scrutiny.

Here is a URL:

It is the URL for the Guido Fawkes archive (December 2007).

If you copy and past that URL into your browser’s address bar, and try to visit/view the December 2007 archives… well, there’s no need to ruin the surprise just yet.

OK, now you’ve seen that, here’s today’s blogging exercise for beginners…

Without getting ‘revved up’ or making assumptions, see if you can ask the right questions and find those answers that will explain fully what is going on here and why it’s so damn amusing to those in the know.

UPDATE (9pm) – Just a quick note to let you know that ‘Guido’ has finally worked it out *and* managed a fix. More details tomorrow.

UPDATE (29 Jan) – All is explained in this follow-up post that ‘Guido’ is not going to like at all.

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