Half-Time Special: Act I (a belly dancer speaks about human rights)

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 11, 2008

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Most of you know Craig Murray by now, but you might not know too much about his lovely missus, Nadira.

It would be a pity if this state of affairs were allowed to continue, so without further delay allow me to present Nadira in The British Ambassador’s Belly Dancer (this official micro-site is proudly hosted by Bloggerheads).

I’ve heard some of Nadira’s story first-hand (minus the belly-dancing) but you, you lucky sods… you now have the opportunity to experience both.

If you’d be so kind as to blog about this show (and I sincerely hope that you will) then one thing you may wish to point out is the Newsnight reporter Madeleine Holt getting it all arse-backwards (pardon the pun) and then completely missing the point about spanking:

If Nadira enjoys being spanked and Craig enjoys spanking her, then this does not in any way conflict with their shared position on human rights.

If Nadira didn’t enjoy being spanked and/or Craig didn’t enjoy spanking her, well, then you might have a case.

See? A quality point, fairly made… with an added bums-on-seats factor.

(Again with the puns. I deserve to be spanked, I do.)


  1. Crink says

    I agree: Craig got a bum rap from Madeleine Holt with that one.

  2. Manic says


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