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Posted by Tim Ireland at February 28, 2008

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Yesterday (27 Feb), Joseph Chikelue Obi uploaded these nude(!) photos of himself on Flickr [sfw], presenting them as a slide show via one of his many, many domain names.

One can only assume that this is part of the PR push for… his new Hollywood movie!

Abolish the GMC – General Medical Council Goes To Hollywood

We are exceedingly pleased to announce that previous pages of particular blog have just been sold to a Budding Hollywood Movie Producer .

Please kindly visit us during the latter part of the year 2012 to view the Film Trailer.

In the interim , all future pages will be solely used for the Public Awareness Purposes ; for serious matters relating to Institutional Racism at the General Medical Council.

Thank You for all your wonderful support.

Best Wishes,

Joseph Chikelue Obi
General Medical Council Opposition Leader

Every other entry from the ‘Abolish the GMC’ blog has been deleted (but I did what I could to preserve some of the wonderful hat-standery via Google’s cache and you can do the same if you’re quick).

Meanwhile, LayScience has an excellent post about one of Grand Master Obi’s many, many products and publications.

He’s like a gift from heaven, this man; a perfect example of shameless blogging fraud in action, and much more fun than Iain Dale.

Speaking of that neck of the woods, Garry has been discussing a few things with our chum Donal Blaney and Iain has popped by to have a word under this post. A great follow-up post can be found here.

You may also care to spend a cuppa pondering on this post by Richard Bartholomew on the subject of the UK Libertarian Right.

[Psst! Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’m off the fags, and for good this time. My body’s not sure what to do with all the extra oxygen it’s getting, so for most of the last couple of days my brain has been a bit… thingy. Email backlog will be dealt with tomorrow.]


  1. mjrobbins says

    Cheers for the shout out – I've put you on my Blog Roll now. Keep tuned, I've got lots more to come.He is like a gift from heaven, raining down material for the blogosphere. I mean, hell, I'm tempted to just rename my blog "ObiWorld".

  2. Jherad says

    Ok, I think it is becoming more apparent that the chap is not just a simple fraud – he's completely off his rocker. I don't think you'll ever convince *him* to stop. He needs help.Good job on the fags – I've been fag free since the start of december. Been tough, but so much easier now. Of course, I'm totally addicted to sugar-free chewing gum now. Disgusting habit.

  3. Manic says

    "he's completely off his rocker"Jherad: Sorry, but we have to acknowledge the possibility that Obi's fantasies are strategic in nature, and not a form of self-delusion.

  4. Jherad says

    Don't get me wrong – I'm certainly not suggesting that people take a step back from this. His 'business' is a threat to the vulnerable and misguided, and needs to be stopped. It is also indicative of the Homeopathy industry as it stands today. The quack of quacks.Messing about in the nude on Youtube is a bit off the scale though. He also seems to have a habit of trumpeting about some public event he'll be organising in the distant future; always tomorrow never today. Sure, it's to pull in the impressionable. I reckon he might just believe it himself though.

  5. Manic says

    Fair enough.

  6. mjrobbins says

    To Jherad and ManicThere are two key pieces of evidence relevent to your last few points which you should consider.Firstly, RCAM's private filings to the Irish Company Registry Office contain the same insane-sounding language that he uses on his public websites. The guy is genuinely mad.However, Manic is right to point out the possibility that some of Obi's fantasies are strategic in nature. His sites may look ridiculous or stupid to us, but he is running scams and making money from them.As for taking him down… Well, come to on Monday.

  7. Manic says

    All the same, without a formal diagnosis from a (real) doctor, the best you'll get out of me is that Obi's cheese stands somewhat askew on his cracker, but this could be attributed to jauntiness.

  8. The Lay Scientist says

    Dr Joseph Chikelue Obi – An Interlude!

  9. Crink says

    I just saw this… it's funny as nuts.

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