Nipples and nepotism

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One more for the Page 3 fileScaryduck (who would also like to bring this to your attention), spotted the following in the latest edition of the Popbitch newsletter:

>> News in Briefs << MPs could learn from The Sun The 'news in briefs' column on page 3 in the Sun yesterday reported that Keeley, 21 from Bromley, supports the crackdown on MPs employing family members: "MPs should not be able to employ whoever they like and pay them as much as they want to. There has to be some kind of controls put in place." As usual, Keeley was snapped by Alison Webster, who takes all the photos for page 3. She is married to the Sun's executive picture editor Geoff Webster, and they are the loving parents of Charlotte, who goes by the name of Jak, 21, from Tunbridge Wells, when she makes her own appearances on page 3.

Hypocrisy? From the Sun? Heavens, no.

Also, I’d like it noted for the record that – even though I haven’t been blogging about it much lately – I have been obsessive diligent enough to source and retain copies of Page 3 editorial activity over recent months.

If you’d like an overview of that activity, it is as follows:

They appeared to go all quiet and fluffy when Murdoch Junior was set to take over the reigns* of News International (an appointment that was almost certainly based on merit alone) and made a bold return as soon as he was in place.

[UPDATE – *Originally an error from my spill-chucker, but it makes a nice pun, so I’ll leave it. After all, this is how royal families get started. Royal families that seem to think they have a God-given right to rule. You know, like the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas Windsors, the Bushes, the Clintons… and last time I checked, Rupert Murdoch was agin it. Or at least some of it.]

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