Of course, other people have their own views…

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Friday, February 1st, 2008
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Do you remember Shane Greer, who filled in for Iain Dale on his blog for a while?

Well, he’s decided to post this objective piece.

And just when I thought this afternoon was going to be a wash-out*.

(*I’ve not received any email from Staines or Blaney at all today. Not a whisper. How jolly it is of them to want to leave this hanging over the weekend.)

UPDATE (2 Feb) – Link to Shane Greer article corrected/updated. Shane Greer migrated to WordPress over the past day, and the location of this article changed as a result. This migration may also be the reason why Shane Greer has yet to publish my response under comments on his website.

UPDATE (2 Feb) – Yes, it was migration complications to blame. I missed whatever period the original attempts were live for on the old format. Mike Rouse explains here and the thread under Shane Greer’s article is now accepting comments.

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