Shane Greer: see you next Super Tuesday

Posted by Tim Ireland at February 6, 2008

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Shane Greer and the company he keepsStill no response from Shane Greer, who seems perfectly happy to declare that I’m “obviously unbalanced” and group me with a convicted stalker, and ignore any response to it while he pisses off to Washington, apparently in the company of the tax lawyer whose ‘client’ is threatening to sue me for libel.

[Psst! That same lawyer is on Greer’s blogroll. Look to your right for a screen capture.]

Incredible, isn’t it?

In fact, if I didn’t think so little of Richard Littlejohn, I’d say something about the difficulty one might have making it up.

[Damn it. I just did, didn’t I? Oh well. Moving on…]

And, as I point out here, all too often it starts out this way:

Someone claims/does something that is totally out of order, resists every reasonable attempt to challenge their position, and then eventually screams ‘harassment’ when I continue beyond the point where they expect me to give up and go away.

Well, Greer has finally annoyed me enough for me to use his name in the headline, thereby starting the process that will soon have me in control of a top search result for his name.

In future, when someone searches for ‘Shane Greer’, they’ll see what a thoroughly fair, pleasant and reasonable person he can be.

I look forward to a convincing performance when the time comes for him to play the victim.

UPDATE (11:15am) – Oh dear. Look at what can be managed in less than two hours…

UPDATE (11:25am) – Screen capture updated. I jumped from second to first place while updating this post:


  1. mikkimoose says

    it is hardly a surprise that they are off together, given result #2…Shane Greer appointed Executive Director of Young Britons' FoundationWhich is of course Donal's weird indoctrination organisation…. So not news that they are chums…. It's more interesting how interlinked all the key right-wing blogs are, Dale and Staines, and also Staines and ConservativeHome persons.

  2. Manic says

    I choose to turn a blind eye to all of that, as you are clearly a conspiracy theorist.;o)

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