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Posted by Tim Ireland at February 12, 2008

Category: The War on Stupid

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Tuesday, February 12th, 2008
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Julian Todd, bless him, put in a FOI request “for all the protest/arrest information which the Public Order Unit of the Home Office couldn’t be bothered to include in their Managing Protest Around Parliament consultation document.”

The relevant post is here.

The released documents can be accessed via this page.

Happy digging. Oh, and watch out for more SOCPA fun here at Bloggerheads soon. Really soon.


  1. goatchurch says

    Tim,You said you couldn't track down your protest for 31 August 2006 in the disclosure.…There are only two listed in the table for that date on page 29:…One is for "Sympathy for bombed schoolchildren", and the other has been redacted. Even if this is you, I don't think it adds up because your post links to D-notice who also claims to have obtained permission.To find out what happened to your records you will have to make a subject access request under the Data Protection Act.…I can't imagine that the Police or the Home Office could have got their records so messed up. Honestly, what's the point of going into all that trouble of passing laws if they don't keep notes about how much good it's doing.

  2. D-Notice says

    Goatchurch.Yep, I got permission for that date (protesting against ID cards).

  3. Manic says

    Goatchurch: There were *dozens* of us there on that day, and each of us applied individually:…It looks to me as if a whole page is missing. Don't you have cause to complain that the disclosure was incomplete?

  4. goatchurch says

    Can I encourage you guys to email Maggie Ainsworth of the Public Order Team who sent me that letter ask her to explain how they record only two demonstrations in "Parilament Sq"(sic) for that day?…It's difficult for me to do it, because I don't personally hold the evidence. If you follow this up you might be able to prove that not only do they not tell the public what they think is going on, but they don't even know what is going on themselves.Meanwhile, as you can see at the bottom of my FOI request, I'm chasing the 2007 data.I've got a lot of other FOI projects on the boil, so it would be useful if someone who's actually in London followed this up.The beta test FOI website is at: you need help, you can contact me at, the result should be a page on the MET website that tracks live the protest events as they are scheduled. That way it would be easier to buy and sell one's permission to protest. There's a lot of money to be made by the protest ticket touts.

  5. Manic says

    LOL.You're a bloody mind-reader, Julian. I have a special gift for the GBP (Great British Public) tomorrow, with a money-making twist.:o)Will chase* Maggie Ainsworth today.[*Via the email address – info DOT access AT – yes?]

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