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Sorry folks, but matters have been greatly complicated by some coward letting this comment-bomb drop shortly after the announcement of a cease-fire:

Iain Dale // Feb 6, 2008 at 7:02 pm

The bullying point is an interesting one. Whether Tim Ireland intends to bully is one thing. But those on the receiving end FEEL they are being stalked and bullied, so the effect is the same.

Believe me I have tried to enter a rational debate with him, but it is impossible. I have now given up. He has his little cotorie of freinds (he calls my friends sockpuppets, of course) who hang on his every word (yes, that’s you Justin McKeating and the Axe killer John Hirst. Hmmm. Nice) and try to police the blogosphere for him, and report back to Daddy with their findings.

As you rightly report, virtually every post at the moment is about me Guido, Donal or Shane. Is this really of interest to anyone? I know it bores me rigid.

Is it really a comment from Iain Dale, or just some witless troll?

Well, my main problem is that Iain is being very childish about it and refusing to confirm or deny if he made that comment.

So we’re all waiting for Iain.

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