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Posted by Tim Ireland at February 1, 2008

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You might recall that, quite some time ago, Paul Staines introduced a silly bit of code to his HTML that ensured that all links to his site from Bloggerheads would redirect to his t-shirt shop (in most browsers).

At the time, I didn’t make any concerted attempt to bypass this, not least because it made him look stupid for as long as it was in effect (over 9 months now) and it would have led to a silly level of escalation. But TinyURL recently introduced a neat little gadget that allowed uses to choose a ‘preview’ version of their service.

Lately, because referring to specific areas of Staines’ website has been made necessary by his bullshit, I’ve been using this to direct my readers (and his lawyer) to evidence hosted on his pseudo-blog.

I didn’t think for a minute that Staines would go so far as to redirect any traffic from TinyURL, thereby rendering the many other links of this (very common) type to his website useless… but that’s what he’s just done:

And, you can clearly see by its placement in the head (of every single page on his website), that pissing me about and avoiding scrutiny is his top priority.

How very grown up and not at all desperate.

And now, some more music…

Tim Finn – Fraction Too Much Friction


  1. Piers says

    Do they not realise that people can just switch off javascript and thereby by-pass this?

  2. cheeks says
  3. Justin says

    His code-monkey's a moron as well. Even I know the correct tags to use in the Head section.

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