Look out! Stalker!

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 19, 2008

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“Ken is Obsessed by Boris” say the man who (by his standards) is clearly ‘obsessed’ with Ken Livingstone.

(Been living in London long, Iain? Or do you just have a thing for Cuddly Ken?)

BTW, I went looking for 18 Tory Street’s video attack on Ken Livingstone and tripped over this gem, which I’ve not seen before:

Check out this video produced for Iain Dale’s 2005 North Norfolk campaign.

Look! Iain’s in the newspaper! Look! Iain’s on telly! Look! Iain’s… standing right next to Anne Milton?!

Iain Dale and Anne Milton

Well, that might partly explain why Iain was so hesitant to blog anything about her activists anonymously claiming a Lib Dem candidate was a paedophile. You would think that them publishing that poor bloke’s name, photo and whereabouts next to this claim would at least earn a ‘stalker’ label from Iain, but no.

(Is there anything that you’d like to declare, Iain? Do you only meet with Ms Milton during conference season, or is there more to it than that?)


  1. Piers says

    The background music on the campaign video really grates and makes me want to kill myself.And yes, a nice appearance from Anne "I'll do anything to appear on TV even if it means me standing there not saying anything and looking quite dopey" Milton.

  2. julian bond says

    Are you sure it's Anne Milton? It looks remarkably like Julian Clary to me. Are they perhaps related?

  3. Manic says

    Oh, God… let's not go through that again. It was excruciating watching her trying to make mileage out of it.

  4. errorgorilla says

    Has Iain had a difficult three years since this was filmed or d'ya think he's just given up using the Nice 'n Easy and succumbed to the greys?

  5. ian says

    It's not Julian Clary. It's clearly Eddie Izzard.

  6. Manic says

    errorgorilla: If Iain is to be believed, the grey hairs are purely my fault.ian: Shush, you.

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