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Sorry to interrupt the eerie silence, but Iain’s latest CiF article comparing David Cameron to Barack Obama prompted this comment from me and I wanted to share.

[Yes, I’m aware of the multiple absurdities of Iain’s article, but I’m trying to stay focused.]

UPDATE – Heh. I fear I might have strayed into a Brit-centric neighbourhood recently. This post is my first mention of Barack Obama on this weblog since September 2004, when I blogged this item.

UPDATE (04 Mar) – Ahahahahahahaha! Iain responds to criticism of his article by claiming that he sold the Guardian a surplus article with the specific intention of winding up their readers. I suppose they’ll be wanting their fee back, then. I also enjoyed Iain predicting a “torrent of abuse” in the same comment where he describes CiF contributors as having “even fewer braincells than the LibDem front bench”.

UPDATE (05 Mar) Two bits of related bloggage for you:

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