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Posted by Tim Ireland at March 25, 2008

Category: The War on Stupid

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What an lovely afternoon it’s turning out to be…

Via Justin:

Page 7 of this document reads:

Managing Protest around Parliament :The Government proposes the repeal of sections 132-138 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. Repeal of these sections will remove the requirement to give notice of demonstrations in the designated area around Parliament. It will also remove the offence for such demonstrations to be held without the authorisation of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner

This same document goes on to say;

The Government received 512 responses to the consultation document including responses from Members of Parliament, Peers, campaign groups, the Metropolitan Police,but mostly from members of the public.

[emphasis mine]


Given the strength of feeling in responses to the consultation document on potential restrictions on legitimate protest, and in the absence of greater evidence of a policing problem, the Government will not pursue harmonisation of the sorts of conditions that can be placed on marches and assemblies in the Public Order Act 1986.

We did it. Members of the public. That was us.


Feels good, doesn’t it?

UPDATE – Of course, this completely scuppers my plans to make a mint from selling ‘illegal’ t-shirts, but there is a bright side to that; D-Notice’s prize (when it eventually arrives) will be one-of-a-kind.


  1. Dave Cole says

    It hasn't happened yet.In other words, we can play with it.How about a protest demanding that it be kept?

  2. Manic says

    Hahahahaha! While it's still illegal.While not wanting to sound like a shrill woman in a pub car park; "Leave it, Dave. They've had enough."

  3. Sim-O says

    Woohoo!you guys are twisted.

  4. D-Notice says

    If it is repealed (and not replaced by summat worse) does this mean the end of the Carol Services?

  5. Manic says

    I'm afraid so.

  6. rakhmetov says

    Fret not, the replacement can't be far off:"In moving to repeal sections 132-138 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, the Government nonetheless takes seriously the need to ensure that the operation of Parliament is safeguarded. For many years this principle has been given expression in sessional orders which provided the Metropolitan Police with clarity on the House's expectations […] The Government believes that Parliament itself is well placed to contribute to proper consideration of what needs to be secured in order to ensure that Members are able freely and without hindrance to discharge their roles and responsibilities. […] The Government therefore invites the views of Parliament on whether additional provision is needed for the purpose of keeping passages leading to the House free and open while the House is sitting, or to ensure that, for example, excessive noise is not used to disrupt the workings of Parliament."

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