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Posted by Tim Ireland at March 5, 2008

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Media Watch Watch is a blog with a free-speech focus that rose like a mighty phoenix from the ashes of the JS:TO firestorm and, blessings upon the cotton socks The Monitor, is still keeping tabs on Stephen Green.

Recently, The Monitor noticed that the good people at the white supremacist forum Stormfront were hotlinking a contentious cartoon hosted for discussion in this article.

As I’ve mentioned before; there are many reasons not to hotlink, but one of them is that you have no control over the image, which might very well be changed by the person hosting it… often with the specific intention of making the hotlinker look like a bit of a dick.

And yes, The Monitor has changed that image, and replaced it with an altered version of yet another controversial image hosted and discussed on the Media Watch Watch website.

To see the result, click here.

(And, if the mighty whities eventually catch up with the rest of us and edit the entry, I’ve saved a screen capture for the ages here.)


  1. mjrobbins says

    Erk… I had a look at the Stormfront website and immediately wished I hadn’t, what a disgusting bunch of racists.That said I amused by the little sub-plot in the first few posts over the name Dahl, “Not very English is it?” “What about Roald Dahl?”, etc.I think I need to go clean my monitor now…

  2. Jherad says

    Ahhh absolutely priceless :)Thanks for the screengrab. Don't want stormfront on my work firewall logs heh.

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