A little pressie for Iain

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 10, 2008

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Thursday, April 10th, 2008
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Iain Dale has refused to answer this question:

Iain? Care to make a statement? There is going to be an opt-out facility [for Total Politics], isn’t there?

Iain Dale has also shown that he can become very confused about valid readership figures, and even remain confused when it is explained very carefully to him.

So here’s a little something that I hope will help him stay out of trouble:

Total Politics: The Opt Out List

This opt-out list, currently managed by Clive and myself, is designed to:

1) Help Iain to avoid any claims he may later regret about the actual number of people who read his magazine.

2) Provide choice for those people who don’t want Iain Dale’s ‘politically neutral’ magazine clogging up their mail slot.

3) Save a few trees*.

Share and enjoy. Let’s help Iain Dale to be as honest as possible with his potential advertisers, and save a few trees* while we’re about it.

[*May not apply if Iain’s magazine is going to be made from recycled toilet paper.]

[Psst! Iain! If you start your own opt-out list, we’ll happily retire this one.]


  1. mikkimoose says

    Apologies for interrupting the excitement, but I figure you might know.What happened to Boris' website?This morning the lead article was "Boris john and brobee johnson in hot debate " and something about the Green Party. (http://www.recycledart.org/content/boris-john-and-brobee-johnson-hot-debate-brobee-johnson) It is all gone now.The story about the hacking on boriswatch (http://www.boriswatch.com/2008/04/12/update-boriss-official-website-hacked/) has mysteriously been pulled. It used to say"Update – Boris's official website hacked! April 12, 2008 Putting two and two together it looks as if whoever hacked into Bozza's emails has accessed his website, posting a picture of a foul-mouthed fluffy toy called 'Brobee Johnson'. Who could possibly want to wage cyberwar on Boris? ' "Now deleted.Any ideas?It certainly seems like at least a minor news story at the moment, what with the elections going on.Would love to know what has happened.

  2. Manic says

    Just some kiddies on the loose using a known (and since patched) exploit of WordPress.

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