OGC offers fresh logo chuckles

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 22, 2008

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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
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The Register – UK Office of Government Commerce cracks one off: Quite remarkably, our informant suggested that, having spent the cash, OGC intends to roll out the logo anyway. Well, we contacted the OGC for comment, and a spokesman gamely explained:… “The proposed version, which you have sent over, has been shared with staff, and is now going through final technical stages.”

Tch. I am greatly disappointed that they did not use the word ‘retooling’.

Apparently, this is the result of a year of development! A whole bloody year! I’m in the wrong game.

(If you’re having difficulty seeing what’s obvious to filthy-minded proles like myself, simply tilt your head to the left.)


  1. scotch says

    Mere mundane words cannot convey the insane cackle that erupted from me when I turned my head to the left to view this. May it suffice that my cat ran away in mortal fear.

  2. jailhouselawyer says

    I now have a crick in my neck. Await a letter from my personal injury lawyer…

  3. mou says

    I tilt my head and all I see if a snowman giving me the finger. I think I may be missing something!

  4. mou says

    Or a fat stick man getting head from a football?I think I need some sleep…

  5. Jherad says

    /facepalmI've only just figured it out… Tim, I thought I was bad, but I bow down before your dirty mindedness :)

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