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Posted by Tim Ireland at April 14, 2008

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Iain Dale and Paul Staines publish their stat-porn each and every month. Now they claim that they’re not blogging anything about their numbers and what might be wrong with them because it will bore their readers.


Just one of many bullshit claims that have turned up since Dale and Staines started following stalking this story around Teh Interwebs and putting forward under comments on other blogs the case they should be making as posts on their own damn websites.

You can see Dale and Staines on the loose in the comments thread under this post, but for the biggest laughs you really want to check out Iain Dale’s behaviour in a Haloscan comment thread that followed this post at Lenin’s Tomb.

(Yes, I can confirm that it’s really Iain Dale on the loose in the latter thread.)
(Yes, I plan on moving on shortly. It looks like we’ve finally reached the bottom of their bag of tricks.)


  1. Jherad says

    I don't read Lenin's tomb that often (they're a bit scary, heh) but that comment thread was a blast.

  2. Manic says

    This whole episode has spawned some classic threads. It's fun watching 'bloggers' who issue all sorts of demands, accusations and insinuations against others ducking and diving for cover, playing-acting as victims of smears and using every cheap trick in the book to avoid the issue when they themselves are under the spotlight.

  3. mou says

    This is all so bizarre. Its like the car crash you can't take your eyes off, no matter how hard you try.Iain Dale quote of the day:"I haven't blogged it because my readers would be bored rigid by it"- So they're interested enough to see his stat porn (otherwise why post it?) but not interested enough to be told its all b*llocks when he's called on it?

  4. Professor Paul says

    I do find Iain's reactions interesting. And puerile. He won't mention them on his own blog as his readers wouldn't find the topic interesting, but he will reply to comments made on other blogs. I admit I read Iain's blog. A lot of it he repeats in his column in the Eastern Daily Press!In the meantime, as they say there is an elephant in the room. As a zoologist I really ought to try & identify which species, but let's leave that for another day.Surely, if as he "beleives" , he is quoting his visitor stats correctly, the best place to address this would be on his own blog. After all, Dale himself claims to be one of the most read political blogs. Perhaps a few words, proving the doubters wrong , as opposed to his yah boo sucks approach? You can shout that two & two makes five all you want, but no matter how loudly you shout it it's still only four!

  5. errorgorilla says

    For this defrocking of the twatsome twosome I have made a mental note to purchase you a small beverage of your own choosing. Good work, sir.

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