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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
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1. A children’s entertainer is issued with a caution, the Sun screams ‘paedo’ and publishes the guy’s real name, a photo and his location. Next thing you know, vandals are attacking his home and he’s running for cover. The Sun article is published under a banner reading; ‘Sun Justice’, BTW…

2. Of particular interest to Carl and other journalists who read this blog; compare this article from my local newspaper to this article from the Epsom Guardian.

3. Oh, and take a look at what one genius painted on the guy’s door:

No, really… take a close look:

UPDATE – Heh. Still trying to work out if one guy got it right the second time around or if maybe there was a “Gimme that, you idiot!” moment over the spray can (i.e. where the *smart* guy from Mob Justice Headquarters takes over and shows the team the *correct* way to spray-paint the word ‘paedo’ on the side of someone’s house). I suspect the latter, looking at the differences in handwriting spraypainting, and the idea of it makes me smile just a bit.

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