The joys of criticising MessageSpace

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 8, 2008

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Tuesday, April 8th, 2008
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Most regulars will recall the last time I wrote an article involving MessageSpace and all these right-wing bloggers came out of the woodwork to have a go at me while MessageSpace played nicey-nice and said it was nowt to do with them.

Well, check out this latest article involving MessageSpace if you haven’t done so already and then see if you can guess where ‘Dizzy’ (Phil Hendren) wants to take us after reading the comments he left on Paul Linford’s site last night.

Perhaps if I ask really nicely, MessageSpace might actually seek to address this matter in the DK thread or maybe even in the Guardian thread (which will close shortly) before somebody else loses their temper.

What do you think my chances are?

[Psst! Hendren’s story has changed. He initially claimed (during one of the four calls he made to my home phone number) that he called someone-who-is-not-Iain-Dale on the off chance that they would have my ex-directory number, and they did. Now he appears to be claiming that he’s cracking databases or something.]


  1. Justin says

    "It's true, I rang you, and yes I did scream at you. So what? There was a very good reason for it that is contained within the title of a Pink Floyd album which is ironic given the pharmaceutical link with said band."Eh? Does he have Saucerful of Secrets or something?

  2. Manic says

    A Momentary Lapse of Reason, more like.

  3. mikkimoose says

    reading that, one can't help but think that with friends like Dizzy, one doesn't really need enemies. Perhaps MessageSpace should pay him to shut up, it would appear quite embarrassing to a professional company.

  4. balders says

    Nah, but whenever he opens his mouth, the only sound to emerge is Ummagumma. Or possibly his mother had an Atom Heart? Perhaps he moonlights as a Piper at the Gates of Dawn? I wonder if it's a case of Wish You Were Here or whether he'd rather be on the Dark Side of the Moon?Do I get a prize for the most gratuitous use of Pink Floyd album titles in a comment? Or is it the Final Cut?

  5. mou says

    Given the stalking references, it could be "Wish you were here"But the fact that he's sticking his oar in, perhaps "Meddle" is closer to the truth ?

  6. Manic says

    Me, I'm wondering how well The Wizard of Oz synchs with Dizzy's calls to my home phone number.(Like if his walking outside his place of work to yell at me in the wind coincides with the tornado or maybe if his screaming at me to "get a grip" just happens to match up with footage of the flying monkeys, or…)

  7. Paul Linford says

    This whole argument is beginning to leave me feeling comfortably numb…

  8. Bob Piper says

    Hey, balders, leave the kid alone!He ain't no Piper, I'm telling you that!

  9. irritant says

    Thank sweet holy fuck I don't blog anymore. I don't see how even a semi-regular visitor can follow all this.

  10. Unity says

    Actually, when it comes to Tories and blog stats then I'd have thought Pigs on the Wing might be most appropriate, while Dizzy's little episode suggests that a trip the Fletcher Memorial Home might well be in order, although I'm sure he'd suggest that he was just having One Of These Days.

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