George W. Bush is on the move… and so are we

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Monday, June 9th, 2008
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Chimpy McFlightsuit began his lame duck tour of Europe today and it looks like he’ll be providing Brown with a few headaches when he arrives in Britain this weekend because, shockingly, not everyone thinks that Brown should be inviting this war criminal back to his place for dinner and a show of loyalty.

If you’re not joining us for Operation Manticore, I urge you to support the protest organised by the Stop the War Coalition on 15 June… but don’t plan on being allowed to hang around in Westminster for too long; the police will be instructed to keep noisy crowds away from Downing Street while Bush and Brown are inside chewing the fat.

UPDATE – The protest linked above has now been moved to 5pm (i.e. much closer to dinner time).

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