Iain Dale’s (biased) 2008-9 Guide to Political Blogging in the UK

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As usual, I won’t be taking part in this charade (or anything else this old fraud is behind).

But this year, it looks like I’ll have some company:

Bob Piper – Why I won’t be voting in Iain Dale’s poll of top bloggers
Sunny Hundal – Not supporting Iain Dale’s top blogs competition
Unity – Iain’s Annual Blog Guide

My own personal opinion, just in case it’s not clear, is that Iain’s ‘guides to blogging’ have always been a scam in the past, nothing looks like being any different this year (he only realised at the last minute that he shouldn’t accept anonymous votes as readily as he accepts anonymous comments), and taking part in any way only really helps one person… Iain Dale.

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