When will this right-wing publisher start acting like a grown-up?

Posted by Tim Ireland at August 28, 2008

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Recently, Iain Dale has begun to claim that he refuses to answer questions from me because I blog about him so much, when the truth is that a great deal of the bloggage about Iain on this site results from his earlier refusal to answer questions (and if just reading that sentence gives you a headache, try living through the experience sometime).

For example, when Iain Dale tagged me as a nihilist on 18DoughtyStreet, he denied doing so (and even denied even knowing the meaning of the word ‘nihilist’), then frustrated every effort to confront him over my recording of him doing so. He then complained about the ‘ill-tempered’ manner in which I responded to his evasiveness, claiming that I insulted him by calling him a liar… after he lied about insulting me. The whole thing took over a month to sort out and involved many posts that were published at this weblog purely because Iain was censoring any mention of it under comments on his so-called ‘weblog’.

And he does this sort of thing All. The. Time.

He’s doing it now, in fact.

Recently (example), Iain has claimed that his latest poll of blogs is the result of votes from; “the readers of more than 60 UK political blogs and the readers of TOTAL POLITICS Magazine”.

Leaving aside that the number of voters originating from his magazine warrants an ‘et al’ position, I would like to know which 60+ UK political blogs Iain is talking about here, and I don’t think that’s too much to ask, especially if his guide ranks or even excludes Bloggerheads from its listings.

If Iain knows there are 60+ weblogs sending him voters, then surely he knows which 60+ weblogs are sending him voters… unless he’s playing games with numbers again.

I emailed Iain and asked if he would provide a list of participating weblogs. Politely.

He ignored me.

I left a comment under a relevant post and asked again if he would provide a list of participating weblogs. Even more politely.

He deleted that, and both follow-ups.

So… and I really can’t believe he’s forcing me to play this childish game, but… *sigh*….

Can someone please ask your mother Iain Dale to provide a list of the “more than 60 UK political blogs” whose readers participated in that blog poll? Because she’s not talking to me.

(Please be warned that if you do so, Iain may refuse to answer on the grounds that you are my ‘bitch’. No, seriously.)


  1. Paul.Ferrari says

    Tim said…Please be warned that if you do so, Iain may refuse to answer on the grounds that you are my 'bitch'.Iain Dale said…I see Tim Ireland's little helpers are coming out to play.*ding* *ding* *ding*WE HAVE A WINNER !Well done, you have won a fantastic CD Single from a former X-Factor Winner.;o)

  2. Manic says

    Tch. I'm still trying to get rid of the old one!

  3. scotch says

    I ain't gonna do it. Bitchmaster.

  4. Manic says

    Only because you've already scored a freebie from Teh Prize Shelf.:oP

  5. scotch says

    Oh yeh. Cheers for that.I see Daniel's had a go though:http://tinyurl.com/6fdxwcAnd Iain's moved from "bitch" to "little helpers".Isn't he just charming?

  6. Geoffers says

    Hello, I'm new. I note that my email address was required before sign-up. Having provided it, I trust it won't be signed up to the world's supply of junkmail sites. I assume it will simply be used to assess whether I'm a real person or just a "sock puppet" or some other product of a diabolical right-wing scheme. Save your time; I'm flesh & blood. I've got an out-of-date website from when I dabbled in comedy and it's registered to my home address. I'm real, me.I've read this blog many times. I even emailed Mr Ireland once… never got a reply, but that's his right.It's also Iain Dale's right. I'm interested in the logic that decides that Dale is " forcing me to play this childish game". From where I'm sitting nobody is forcing anybody to do anything. Mr Ireland has requested the information and it is not forthcoming. Does he have a right to this information that supersedes Mr Dale's rights? If not, why does he not respect the right of Mr Dale to withhold the information? After all, given the history between the two men it is hardly likely that the information would be scrutinised with a favourable eye. And let's be honest… it's very, very easy to find fault if that's all you're looking for.You guys have a history. A long one. You're not ever going to see eye-to-eye. Why don't you just leave each other alone until one of you dies?

  7. Manic says

    Short version: His poll will have an impact on my reputation, and I deserve to know more about the sample that Dale appears to be passing off as balanced."I've read this blog many times. I even emailed Mr Ireland once"Using the same address you used here?

  8. Geoffers says

    "Using the same address you used here?"Probably not. Probably an ntlworld.com account at the time. If your records go back that far and you wish to verify my claim drop me an email and I'll provide full details in private."Short version: His poll will have an impact on my reputation" – I don't think it will. I suggest that anyone aware of both blogs will be aware of the history and colour their judgement accordingly. Anyone not aware of Bloggerheads will still be unaware… harm not done.Anyway, what you may deserve and what you're entitled to are two different things, and surely you know that. Why does all this need to continue?

  9. Manic says

    And what about readers of his Total Politics magazine? They won't know the history.And online, Iain insists on constantly rewriting the history between us – and here I will remind you again why I might have issues with him controlling any kind of chart, history or Who's Who of blogging – so I would argue that anyone who doesn't stray far outside of the right-wing neighbourhood won't know the history much either.For instance, he won't come out and say it on his blog, but the only hole he leaves us in his otherwise impossible position on the whole Guildford Tory paedo-tagging thing is that I lied about or otherwise invented or maybe even imagined the whole thing.In fact, let's try a small experiment. Geoff, can you please tell me why I am currently banned from leaving comments on Iain Dale's website? The official version as you understand it.(search is running. records go back a few years. with you shortly.)[update: and by now you should have your answer]

  10. dotdash says

    >GeoffersI'm new here too, although, like you, I've lurked for a while and I've followed the Blog Wars with interest. I think there's a good quote from one of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books that describes Tim's position re. Iain Dale:"We're not obsessed by anything, you see," insisted Ford."….""And that's the deciding factor. We can't win against obsession. They care, we don't. They win."Basically, in order for "us" (i.e. the good guys) to beat "them" (i.e. the bastards), we have to be a bit obsessed, which in the case of Iain Dale and his pathological dishonesty in pursuit of self-aggrandisement in the Thatcherite cause means taking him to task on every little bit of deception and hypocrisy.Iain Dale is constantly positioning himself as the go-to guy on blogging, and the picture he chooses to paint is one that plays misleadingly into a right wing narrative. We Brits feel uncomfortable when faced with someone who seems to care about anything a lot (which people like Dale exploit by playing it as a joke any time someone takes them to task) and sure, as nice, normal, people we'd maybe feel more comfortable if everyone would just leave it alone; however, the way I see it Tim's taken a difficult task on himself, which is to ensure that even if Iain carries on doing whatever the hell he wants (which, as you say, is entirely his right), there is at least a wealth of counter-evidence to his claims easily available via a simple google search for anyone who fancies checking it.

  11. Geoffers says

    "The official version" – and that belongs to who exactly? I'm not biting at that hook."Let's try a small experiment"… let's not. What am I, a lab rat for your amusement? I have no, zero, repeat zero, nil, fuck all interest in playing games. My posts have no ulterior motive and, unless I have severely mis-spoken myself, they don't display one. Here's a fun game… how about taking them at face value instead of countering a question with a question? Specifically, again, why does all this need to continue?

  12. Manic says

    Geoff, I'm just trying to get you to better appreciate my position before we address what I may or may not be entitled to. I am not trying to paint you into a corner.(Note: This will also relate to the point dotdash raises. Very useful and not at all painful.)Can you please tell me why Iain Dale says I am currently banned from leaving comments on his website?It doesn't have to be your opinion, just your understanding of the justification he gives for his 'permanent' ban. What specific act or offence does he say I am banned for?

  13. semajmaharg says

    According to Google Blogs, there are 95 links to Dale's blog post announcing the list:http://blogsearch.google.co.uk/?q <a href="http:/…Storm” target=”_blank”>=http://iaindale.blogspot.com/2008/07/guide-to-political-blogs-2008-9-vote.html&hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&hs=HmM&tab=wbStorm. Teacup. Anyone?[mod: link fixed]

  14. Manic says

    If it's not a big deal, why doesn't Iain just answer the question?

  15. Professor Paul says

    As, although I am a zoologist, I work in publishing, you have to query how many readers his magazine has. You CANNOT get an Audit Bureau of Curculation audit done until you've been running for a year so he can quote any number he wishes for the readership of his rag.Iain Dale gives truth to the old saw that there are lies, damn lies & statistics. In his case usually over inflated ones.

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