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Posted by Tim Ireland at October 9, 2008

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Blackwater is a handy little place for a monthly shop; an Aldi lies right opposite a Lidl, and if you lose your head, there’s a giant M&S, Tesco and Sainsbury’s just across the way.

But we mostly go there to stock up on drinks, some of the better chilled/frozen foods and sinful European treats like cheeses, pastries, Bratwurst and Pfeffernusse.

Also, there’s a neat little rare video store in the strip of shops where we distributed posters today that’s usually good for a browse.

It was there that myself and one of the griglets went this very afternoon for the first run in the 2008 edition of The Happy Poster Project:

Happy poster in Blackwater - 1

We used the same rules that we used 4 years ago:We ask before placing any posters on commercial property (excluding some rare cases, when an empty shop looks lonely), and we make sure that we’re considerate of other users when we use community notice boards and the like.

Happy poster in Blackwater - 2

On this run, we met very little in the way of corporate resistance; even the chap at Blockbuster accepted one for the staff room.(Also from 4 years ago; if they can’t/won’t put one in the window, we ask if they’d like one for the staff or stock room.)Roughly 30% of shop keepers/workers accepted a poster in their front window without complaint, and the deal was usually sealed within seconds of their understanding that nothing was being sold and nothing was being advertised except happiness.

Happy poster in Blackwater - 3

The photo of their window didn’t turn out quite right, but the ladies in bodyNsoul were totally charming, as was the local pharmacist, who can be glimpsed in the background above.All in all, a pleasant run… and we’re thinking of doing a campus next.

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