Paul Staines caught sock-puppeting?

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 13, 2008

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Monday, October 13th, 2008
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The Tory Troll claims to have caught Paul ‘Guido’ Staines making anonymous comments and pretending to be someone else speaking in his favour.

How Staines reacts to the charge could be revealing; this is the same guy who has for years published a seemingly endless series of claims that he’s the victim of a party-political and/or government-funded sock-puppet squad without producing a shred of evidence to back it up.

Will he actually have the temerity to scream ‘conspiracy theorist’, or (just as likely) will he instead never return to this thread and forbid all mention of it on his website?

(In recent weeks, on Staines’ ‘Guido Fawkes’ site and on the site of Iain ‘liar’ Dale, these authors and their contributors have been imagining the direct input of Derek Draper behind any/all anonymous comments not 100% in their favour. Their only evidence? An article stating that that one day in the future Draper might be developing a ‘rapid response’ unit for weblogs, which was interpreted/presented by the right-wing shouties as an announcement of the immediate launch of a sock-puppeting squad…. presumably because a team of sock-puppeting gits making personal attacks is what passes for the rapid response unit in the funny world where Dale and Staines live.)

[Psst! Paul has yet to clarify which variety of bankrupt he is; former, recently-discharged, or what. Kind of important when he’s claiming to play the market (by short-selling, no less) and telling judges that he earns his money from “advertising”. Meanwhile, the MessageSpace paperwork appears to distance him from the money and any position of responsibility in that advertising network, and the family car (and almost everything else) is filed under the name of his wife and/or somebody else with the last name of ‘Staines’.]

UPDATE – You’re going to love my choice of bonfire fodder this year, I’m sure… but it’s not a local bit player like Dorries, Staines or Dale. Regardless, I have been known to recycle and repurpose cheap Halloween costume materials when building guys in the past, so this £1.99 vampire wig in a local supermarket caught my eye…

This, according to Tesco, is what a bloodsucking servant of evil looks like:

(Note – For newcomers, I should point out that the resemblance is merely uncanny. You would have to ravage the face with years of drug and alcohol abuse, then add a few pounds and some ‘city boy’ clothes that have seen better days to make it downright spooky.)


  1. Professor Paul says

    It looks more like James May to me.

  2. Manic says

    You have to work at it, PP. Squint a bit, then add bloodshot eyes and a dash of Buddy Hackett.

  3. Professor Paul says

    I can see it now, puts me in mind of Catherine Cookson's "The Mallens" which they showed on ITV in 1979; I was a mere sixteen!It is about a ruthless 19th century Northumberland squire Thomas Mallen (played by John Hallam), who has a genetic white streak in his hair & is a rather unpleasant drunk & bully.Not much like Guido then.(By the way, I was being sarcastic;Homer Simpson)

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