Paul Staines is not a lacist

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 13, 2008

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Since an encounter with the BNP at the start of his political career was rediscovered, Paul ‘Guido Fawkes’ Staines has gone to great (and yet disappointing) lengths to assure us that he is not a racist.

Those of us who originally wrote about Staines’ 1986 adventure a couple of years back didn’t regard this to be the central issue at the time, but Staines did. He is, after all, the type of person who will take any scrap of evidence and misrepresent its significance without hesitation… so hopefully you can see how his name being connected to the BNP would make him hypersensitive to the dangers of a ‘racist’ tag.

So what the hell is this about?

Paul ‘Guido’ Staines – Mandy’s Chinky Drinky Kidney Linky: Peter Mandelson drank Chinese milk 9 days before his kidney problems surfaced. He flamboyantly drunk a glass in front of the Chinese media to “show his support for the Chinese dairy industry” which has been hit child poisoning contamination disasters.

*Chinky?!* In this day and age? Really?

Oh well. At least it gives me an excuse to wheel out this excerpt from a Captain Hurricane strip that I found in the boys-annual archives last night. This, apparently, was acceptable entertainment for young boys in 1973:

(Yes, I am aware that this strip is about Japs, and not chinks, slopes or gooks. Like it makes a difference to some people.)

(Psst! A mistake like “He flamboyantly *drunk* a glass in front of the Chinese media…” is an easy one to make. If you happen to be drank at the time.)

UPDATE – The homophobia in that thread is tipping the scales a bit, too. Here’s a highlight featuring both racism and a certain assumption favoured by many homophobes:

45govt said:

I hope the Chinks didn’t let Barren Mandelsboy near any of the children – he might be on a scouting trip for his new group Gay Gordo and the Paedos*

*For booking gigs, call Enver Hodge, sole agent.

October 13, 2008 1:17 PM



  1. Troushers says

    Hi Tim,Did you catch Staines' Saturday morning disappearance? Approvingly linked to the Sun's reportage of paedophile revenge killing. Article disappeared minutes later when he'd thought better of it. Nasty little man.

  2. oyebilly says

    I'd love to know how to drink a glass of milk flamboyantly.

  3. Manic says

    Troushers: I missed it but caught The Tory Troll reporting it:…Yes, a nasty *vicious* little man, but like Dale he comes across all wounded and sincere any time the limelight is switched for a spotlight.[edit]Hello, oyebilly. Sorry, but I initially missed your comment. Well noted on the flamboyant touch. And, as we've come to expect, Iain Dale is nowhere to be seen, despite the use of the kind of needless, ignorant, hateful homophobic crap that he claims to condemn wherever he sees it.]

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