Ross and Brand: bonfire night starts early this year

Posted by Tim Ireland at October 30, 2008

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First, a word from Five Chinese Crackers:

As Septicisle points out, in January 2007, the Mail ran a front page ridiculing the fact that the whole Celebrity Big Brother racism debacle was front page news. The Big Brother thing was seen by a far wider audience, involved a group of people openly bullying an individual over a sustained period while they were all in a confined space and there was a whiff of racism in the air. ‘Why don’t we just switch off?‘ was the reaction then. This time, things have changed for some reason. Despite the fact that only a handful of people had complained about Brand’s show before the paper reported it, these people must be sacked. Ban this sick filth! And so on.

And no, it’s not the licence fee alone that makes this different, and as an issue it certainly wouldn’t warrant this level of coverage/outrage regardless.

Ross and Brand shouldn’t have pulled the stunt, and the BBC should not have broadcast it.

But it cannot be denied that most of the people calling for blood would take any opportunity to damage the BBC, and are blowing this way, way, wayyyy out of proportion to that end.

Further, the hypocrites at the Sun and Daily Mail have a track record of treating far more people with far less respect. Take for example the Sun, who surely have Andrew Sachs’ feelings uppermost in their mind when running with today’s front page headline that introduces a two-page tell-all extravaganza about his granddaughter’s sex life; “BRAND YELLED ‘QUE?’ IN BED”


More from Septicisle right here.

Me, I want to leave you with a thought from regular reader Carl Eve, who points out that the people at the Sun also had a personal score to settle with Brand, after this classic performance at an Amnesty gig in 2006.

UPDATE – Hahahahahahaha! I wish I’d said this:

Don’t you just love it? The BBC, as always, has been forced to pull down its trousers and bend over, while the collective tabloid media buggers it silly with its enormous cock of hypocrisy.

And you should expect more of this in the blogosphere, especially now that the media-facing side of it has been so successfully hijacked by unapologetic ultra-hypocrites like Dale and Staines.


  1. Bartholomew says

    Poor old Sachs must be heartbroken to find out that his "Satanic Slut" grand-daughter is not an innocent, and I'm sure the fairly obscure (well, to me anyway) performer Georgina must be devastated at getting free wall-to-wall national publicity for the best part of a week.Still, she's clearly enjoying her justified revenge on Brand in the Sun videoclip, so I say good luck to her. And despite the Murdoch factor, I had to laugh at the "He knows nothing" sub-heading about Brand's bedroom prowess.

  2. Dave Cross says

    I understand that once the furore has died down (so give it a couple of days) the "Satanic Sluts" will be all over the tabloid media – thanks to Max Clifford.So at least someone's going to do all right out of it.

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