Sarah Palin: keepin’ it real without the media filter

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Sarah Palin Talks About $150K Clothing Scandal at Rally

“Hey, everyone! I’m not one for airs and graces! Now look at my trophies! And this one! And this one!”


Control mechanisms… weakening.

Rage… becoming… hard to control.

Must… track down… nearest Palin supporter… and… carve letter… into their face.

Not… just… quick memo…. but… entire… letter!

(thinks of calm blue ocean)
(thinks of calm blue ocean)
(thinks of calm blue ocean)

Times – Sarah Palin’s designer clothes sent back into the closet: Sarah Palin is to forgo the designer wardrobe bought for her by the Republican Party, and will go back to wearing her own clothes, she has told supporters. To emphasise the point that she really does have simple tastes, the Alaskan governor appeared at a campaign stop in Asheville, North Carolina last night dressed in jeans. Her own…. Now she is starting to fight back. At a rally in Tampa, Florida, earlier on Sunday, she pointed out to the crowd that she was wearing her own jacket and insisted that from now on she would be wearing her own clothes bought in Anchorage, Alaska. “Those clothes, they are not my property, just like the lighting and the staging and everything else the RNC purchased,” said Mrs Palin…

… who is, for some strange reason, perfectly comfortable with admitting that she’s been a Republican Barbie-doll and a bit of a fraud all this time.

I wish her luck with the ‘maverick-who-immediately-caves-to-GOP-demands-and-only-rebels-after-cunning-plan-implodes’ narrative. She’s gonna need* it.

(*Oh, who am I kidding? They’re eating it up and clapping and honking like trained bloody seals.)

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