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I want to make time to go and see Daniel in ZERO; “an explosive and anarchic stare at the ethics of torture, and the curse of censorship”.

If anyone wants to come along and make a thing of it, do drop me a line. The available dates in London are:

11th – 29th Nov: Tristan Bates Theatre, London


  1. bigdaddymerk says

    We saw DGH a couple of years back in 'Bouncers' – he really is very good. I'm hoping to show my support at the Wolverhampton date.

  2. Guy Gooberman says

    Thanks Tim, much appreciated, people should let me know when they are attending so I can put web persona's to real faces.The show itself is a great piece of political work that deals with torture without telling you off for watching it.I look forward to seeing people there.

  3. Manic says

    How about we let you know after the performance? I'm sure you're a pro, but it'd throw me off knowing.

  4. Guy Gooberman says

    Ha ha, yes, sure but I only get nervous when it's my mum.

  5. Manic says

    Yes, but I'll be wearing her underwear on the night./Brand

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