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Posted by Tim Ireland at December 15, 2008

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Camera in a Guy’s Head has been a ‘featured’ video at YouTube (UK) for a couple of days now. Views are in their tens of thousands and comments in their hundreds. I’m still having trouble understanding the purpose of some of the comments some people will make on YouTube (example), but it’s kind of nice all the same. (Cheers to BenSix for the heads-up.)

– My next video (on the subject of sock-puppetry) will most probably be on Vimeo, BTW. The animation insists on being unexpectedly awesome, and it’ll require resolution that YouTube can’t deliver. And more time. Like ‘not before Christmas’ time.

– Lame/duck interface: Person in Iraq throws shoes at Bush (via). Bush tells us it’s no big deal*. Even the security services seem quite relaxed about it. So we’re allowed to throw shoes at him now. He’s quick enough to dodge them, he won’t be fazed by it and burly men won’t leap on top of you and/or shoot you in the back of the head several times if you try it. Trust me on this; Bush will be disappointed if he thinks up all those great shoe jokes for nothing. And do be quick about it, as you have less than 36 days in which conk the noggin while it’s still worth a full 50 points.

(*He doesn’t know or he doesn’t care, or he doesn’t care who thinks he doesn’t know or doesn’t care.)

Respect, office, yadda yadda yadda (#1)

Respect, office, yadda yadda yadda (#2)

Rebekah Wade is flirting with mob justice again. Perhaps even invisible mob justice.

More tabloid fun here.

But, sadly, there’s no outrage from tabloids over this. (Maybe if the miners had been famous pop singers or attractive teenage girls…?)

– This on the Menezes verdict (via Septicisle):

“Princess Diana, killed in a car crash – unlawful killing. Six passengers and four crew killed when a man drives his Land Rover off the M62 on to the Selby rail line – unlawful killing. Man throws his son from the roof of a Greek hotel – unlawful killing. A UK soldier is killed in Iraq when a US pilot opens fire on him – unlawful killing. BBC journalist Kate Peyton shot – unlawful killing. Two policemen shoot an innocent man seven times in the head on a train in front of witness who say no warning was given – not unlawful killing. Could someone please explain?” – Dan Tanzey – Thornton Cleveleys, Lancashire

– Yes, I’ve seen the mention of Paul Staines in Private Eye, but Paul doesn’t want to talk about that. Or anything else. Sorry, Alex.

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