Glen Jenvey has some explaining to do

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 8, 2009

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Let’s begin by going back to the Sun non-story that prompted this initial post:

The Sun – Islamic fanatics name Alan Sugar, Mark Ronson and Lord Levy in a hit list of Britain’s leading Jews: British anti-terror expert Glen Jenvey is convinced online forum Ummah is being used to prepare a deadly backlash against UK Jews. His warning came as Europe was hit by anti-Semitic attacks over Israel’s push into the Gaza Strip…. Mr Jenvey, 43, said: “The Ummah website has been used by extremists. “Those listed should treat it very seriously. Expect a hate campaign and intimidation by 20 or 30 thugs.”

It would now appear that this entire non-story actually began with Glen Jenvey feeding an unknown quantity of information to the Sun ‘news’ paper. Glen Jenvey bills himself in this bio as a ‘freelance terror investigator’, is described in this article as a ‘freelance intelligence agent’, and is described in his Wikipedia entry (that he regularly edits himself) as a former spy who now “uses the internet to infiltrate terrorist organisations.”

Search for his name in Google News and poke around ‘all years’, and you’ll see his name attached to quite a few terror-alert stories, with highlights including this one, which has a lovely Christmas theme throughout, and this ‘New Year’ warning in the Sun that is very recent indeed.

I would go into more detail (there is lots!) but for now, all you need is this and possibly the knowledge that some of Glen’s past exploits have – according to reports from his supporters – resulted in warnings and “threats of arrest” from the authorities.

Now, the Sun have in this article based their claim of militant Muslims targeting “Britain’s leading Jews” on comments made by ‘abuislam’, specifically in this passage:

“Abuislam” asks: “Have we got a list of top Jews we can target? Can someone post names and addresses?”

Though the Sun suggests otherwise, the only forum contributor pushing for anything other than a polite letter-writing campaign (details here) is posting under the name ‘abuislam’…. and I’m looking at evidence right now that strongly indicates that Glen Jenvey and ‘abislam’ are one and the same person.

In other words, he has created the very ‘militant’ content that the Sun has based their story on.

Further, in his quote he warns those listed to take the threat very seriously and to “expect a hate campaign and intimidation by 20 or 30 thugs”… when he was the one who listed them, and was the only person talking about doing anything other than writing letters!

And, even if (BIG ‘if’) this was done in error somehow, Glen Jenvey hasn’t done anything I can see to correct it.

Here’s the detail:

A forum administrator at announced today that the ‘abuislam’ account was created by the same person who created an earlier account in the name of ‘Richard Tims’. They have documented proof of this in their back end.

The ‘Richard Tims’ account was used only to plug the website previously hosted at capture by linkmarket.netThe publication of this link appears to have been part of a July/August 2008 campaign by that site’s owner to improve the site’s performance in Google).

Two of the places used to generate inbound links just happen to be two sites that Glen Jenvey shares a bit of history with; (“Islamic stories wanted by the media world wide why not sell your story for cash”) and Lionheart (“Any hot news on islamic British based terrorist’s earn cash from”), but the clincher is this August 2008 link where he is listed as site owner (highlight mine):

ID: 2815
Title: Sell Your Story –
Pagerank: 0
Description: sell your story sellyourstory sell your story sell your photos sell your videos
Category: Business & Economy: News and Media
Link Owner: glen jenvey
Date Added: July 28, 2008 01:35:11 AM
Number Hits: 0

Similar listings with the same data can be seen here and here.

If Glen Jenvey really is a former spy, I would venture a guess that he was forced to retire because he wasn’t very good at it.

If his current job is sneaking around on Teh Internets, then I would even go so far as to suggest he’s not very good at that, either.

Judging by the way his websites keep getting excluded from Google and withdrawn from service, he should probably stay out of the SEO game, too.

Oh, and there’s also the small matter of the Sun basing a front page claim on – and quite possibly paying Glen Jenvey for – a warning about militant(ish) postings that he wrote himself.

Perhaps Mr Glen Jenvey would care to explain what’s going on here.


  1. mikkimoose says

    [This comment has been temporarily withdrawn as a goodwill gesture to Mr Jenvey. It may return in edited form later. Tim @ 21:25 03/03/09]

  2. Manic says

    Given what he's just done in the forums, where I've been posting about this today, I would say it's a fair bet that Mr Jenvey is already watching, and if these two have anything to say I'm sure they'll be in touch.:O)It turns out Richard Bartholomew has something on this gruesome twosome, BTW:

  3. Bartholomew says

    Good job I reminded Vigil to renew its website domain:

  4. mikkimoose says

    Could you link to him on the ummah forum, I must have missed it?Regarding contacting 'him', the him in question is the 'zaidi234' on mpacuk with apparent evidence of Whiteman planting false stories about terror plots in the newspapers.There's no point whatsoever in contacting Whiteman or Jenvey, but this zaidi234 seems more interesting.BTW, I had a look, and Johnathan Galt and Jenvey are probably two different people, both Britons (Galt claims to be in Cambridge).Here they are both posting on the same post:…Galt is literate and appears to be able to construct an argument, while Jenvey shows the characteristic poor spelling and grammar we've seen on ummah:"It true al-qaeda have give video's over to me that will put abu hamza and other's in jail and it's true i work for a intelligence service.i have for 20 years been one of the top spies in subject to do with terror for a number of country's.the plot for sept 11th is all on film.the british police are not fan's as it was done all under their nose's i'm a expert like johnathan r galt is."At any rate, Jenvey DID own the spammed websites (supporters of shariah etc.), see here:'d say based on the stupidity of Jenvey's comments on ummah that they are probably two different people, galt is not Jenvey.

  5. mikkimoose says

    On Mr. Whiteman,"Dominic Whiteman is Chairman of V7 Europe – the pan-European investigative team. V7 was formed to investigate extreme Islamist culturalist encroachment in Europe ""From August 2005 to May 2008 Dominic ran the European arm of the private investigation network, VIGIL""Dominic is a member of the Conservative Party of Great Britain & Northern Ireland ""He lives with his wife and man-eating dogs in London, England."

  6. Manic says

    "Could you link to him on the ummah forum, I must have missed it?"I started a new thread for the hunt:…The admins will no doubt drop a link in the other thread soon if it's needed. Most people on the board appear aware of it now, but maybe it needs to be closer to their earlier press release for outsiders.

  7. mikkimoose says

    Yeah I saw that link, but you said"Given what he's just done in the forums, where I've been posting about this today"When you said 'what he's just done', I assume you mean Jenvey had just posted/done something on, I don't see anything?

  8. mikkimoose says

    y'know, you are now 5th in a google search for 'glen jenvey'. I wonder if this will do his future credibility much damage, if that were to rise to say position number 1 or 2. [the wikipedia article should probably be rewritten/deleted, but I'm not going to get involved.]

  9. Manic says

    No, I meant the original puppeting. People like this guy usually hang around to gloat for a bit, and a front page result would be ample reason for a nice, long gloat.More later. Very tired now. Thanks for all your help today.

  10. mikkimoose says

    [This comment has been temporarily withdrawn as a goodwill gesture to Mr Jenvey. It may return in edited form later. Tim @ 21:25 03/03/09]

  11. Manic says

    "It would seem highly unlikely that this is the first lie or deceit Mr. Jenvey has perpetuated."I agree. There appear to be hundreds of instances of dozens of mainstream articles that rely on his testimony in whole or in part.Just one thing the people at The Sun must be weighing int he balance while considering their options (the most obvious of which is a reverse ferret right up this bloke's jacksie).

  12. Fayruz says

    Manic-Jenvey may be strange but he isn't a nutter by any means- and he doesn't have a daughter, that was made up by the Saviour Sect!email me if you want any info about any of this lot.xFryz

  13. Manic says

    Hello Fayruz, and welcome to Bloggerheads.I've made clear elsewhere and will make clear again right here: I am not claiming that Jenvey is a nutter, and I even disapprove of the word unless there is a person with a relevant degree, a white coat *and* their own butterfly net willing to back it up.The 'daughter' interview and almost everything else posted as background in comments here I've filed under 'wait and see'… for a while.But there is no sign of any response from Glen Jenvey on any front, and I won't be waiting forever.

  14. mikkimoose says

    you're third in google now for 'Glen Jenvey'.Perhaps he is not the only one making things up, but there appear to be several people who might have some interesting stuff on him.I trust you will take up the trail in due course given that the MSM appear not to have followed this up, and therefore I believe Mr. Jenvey will pretend not to be aware that he has been rumbled, and is unlikely to respond..

  15. AdamB says

    Maybe somebody should contact the members of the 'hate list' to reassure them that they're not in imminent danger of assassination (at least no more than usual) and to point them in the direction of the real cause of their anxiety over the past few days.

  16. Manic says

    Already done for one. Really expected The Sun to do more than stand around looking foolish today, so it looks like I may have to chase the rest myself.

  17. mikkimoose says

    I do hope that 'Mr. Sugar is said to be reviewing his security arrangements' is just an empty statement and that nobody named has incurred a financial loss/become unduly scared and paranoid as a result of the actions of this nasty Jenvey.

  18. Manic says

    The hint is in; "Mr. Sugar is *said* to be…"Said by who? A bystander? Their expert? The tea boy?

  19. Fayruz says

    Dear Manic;You won't get a response from Glen Jenvey here.Dear AdamB;we just gave the crew a list of Islamists and their phone numbers to chase. Should keep them occupied for a bit, as they think they're addresses and phone numbers of Zionists. :)

  20. Manic says

    Fayruz: You seem so sure. Have you been in touch with Glen Jenvey about this?

  21. Fayruz says

    Salaam Aleikum;of course I'm sure, I'm in the Hur Al-Ayn. I haven't been in touch with Glen, but I don't need to. Email me at if you want to know anything, we're the girls that get the info for VIGIL, V7 Europe, and Jenvey. I can tell you all the background about Jenvey's fake daughter and all the other stuff.W'slmzFayruzCheerleader

  22. Fayruz says

    A small addition: Glen Jenvey's not talking to our outfit at the moment cos he thinks we stitched him up. But if you want his mobile or home phone number I can give it to you.XFayruz

  23. Manic says

    Which outfit would that be, Fayruz?

  24. Fayruz says

    why, Al-Hur Al-Ayn, aka The Cheerleaders, my darling. Drop me an email at (my email) and you can ask the right questions.W'slmz andXFyrzPS do you know Richard Bartholomew? Love his work!

  25. Manic says

    The Cheerleaders, as in "we track and disrupt violent extremists, mostly Islamic extremists, based in the UK"…?Seems like a poor excuse for trolling if you ask me. I think you're having yourself on just a wee bit.Do you seriously have no comment on bait being used as evidence of a catch here? (Other than wishing to bait former colleague Glen Jenvey, that is.)

  26. Fayruz says

    What's a troll? Bait, catch? Bait Jenvey? No idea what you're on about, PM on its way to your email,w'slmz

  27. Fayruz says

    PM sent!XXXFyrz

  28. Manic says

    I'd prefer to conduct this conversation in the open for now, Fayruz. There's been too much sneaking around for my liking.Would you care to repeat your PM here?

  29. Fayruz says

    Yep, with the sensitive bits redacted. We didn't just come off the boat you know. Here goes again:W'salaamz and-why are we having ourselves on? Do you want a capability demonstration?As for commenting on bait being used as a catch, you mean what Glen did? Yep he let his OPSEC drills get slack and forgot, in his haste to set up a story that would sell, to mask his IP. Glen is a clever and able guy but it seems in this case he's let greed and ego get in the way, maybe. Also he probably didn't have to write the leading questions that he did, with people like Saladin1970 around they could have bitten anyway. So, yes Glen got sloppy. BTW he's not a former colleague and we don't bait people on the same side. He used to do a good job until this goatfuck.What is "trolling"? I don't understand the reference.W'slmz againXFayruzPS Yarah, who works with us, is laughing behind me cos she's reading Numerati and she's just got to the bit about SEOs. That's you innit!

  30. Manic says

    To be frank with you, I think you have delusions about the accuracy, importance and nobility of your 'mission'. While I'm sure that saying this will lead to some form of unwelcome "capability demonstration", it does need to be said.The point you appear to be missing, Fayruz, is that the only evidence of anything approaching extremism at that forum was left by Glen Jenvey – despite weeks of effort, even with "people like Saladin1970" around.You have claimed otherwise. Where's your evidence?You're also telling me in this comment that Glen's main mistake wasn't faking the story, but getting caught by failing to mask his IP.This suggests to me that your morals and ethics are somewhat elastic in nature.I find myself wondering how often you harass people you think/say are extremists, who are nothing of the sort.Either way, trolling is the deliberate disruption and provocation of online communities. Most trollers do it just because they like messing with other people.Most people who do it a lot (like you do) know what the term means, even if they think they are doing it for the right reasons, and that you would claim ignorance about the term makes me even more suspicious of you.You have also dropped many passages from your private comment that have nothing to do with privacy and appear more to be the type of bragging that won't stand the light of day. So here they are, dragged into the light, for everyone to see:"We mess up extremists, hack their phones, PCs, bluetooth, scare them out of their houses…""We hate Jihadi fascist scum. And Panorama, the Daily Telegraph, Angus Walker and CFSC bloomin' love us!"You claim your actions are justified, but it doesn't look that way from here. If anything, especially by acting without any sanction from the law, you appear to be part of the problem instead of anything approaching a solution.(*The media are not the police. You do know that, yes?)I find myself wondering how many actual extremists you've driven underground to the detriment of the efforts of those who are sanctioned by law. I am also dumbfounded that you would see no harm in harassing and alienating moderate Muslims when you claim your battle is against extremism.I have no doubt that you seem some cause and effect if you don't look beyond single tasks, but I have serious doubts about your overall effectiveness.It is in that sense that I think you are fooling yourself.Now, if you have nothing further to add about Glen Jenvey's actions, and if you're quite finished offering personal details about him that I am not interested in, I think we're done here.

  31. Fayruz says

    Fuck the law. We know extremists when we see them. And we don't need anyone's approval. And we ain't fooling ourselves, we know how effective we are. BTW what's a "sock-puppet"?Hey, I've just worked out we're just up the road from you! Anyways stay tuned for more excitement, the stuff'll be on telly soon!XFyrzPS if you want us to get together a big old load of eveidence of extremism on that forum, just ask and we'll mail it over to you. There's quite a lot!

  32. Manic says

    Look, boys and girls! I can see true colours, and a veiled threat*, and an obvious troll.(*Psst! What viewers at home cannot see is that Fayruz has changed his IP 'disguise' so he appears to be based in Woking.)I fail to see why I should wait around for evidence you keep saying exists, but have so far failed to produce. Besides, if it existed in the first place, Glen Jenvey wouldn't need to fabricate it, now would he?Not that we'll be speaking again; you now belong to a very exclusive club, in that you're banned from leaving comments on Bloggerheads. That happens sometimes when people sock-puppet, troll, or threaten me on my site. You've done all three, which makes you the current leader on the 'banned' board, ahead of an aggressive Tory and a witless Green. Congratulations.I need to make that last bit clear to you for legal reasons; this is my property, and you no longer have permission to submit material for publication here. I warn you not to bypass any measures I have taken to prevent you from doing so; you should regard the ban as a locked door. If you do not understand what this means, have someone explain it to you.Bye.

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