I warned you about those bloody Canadians

Posted by Tim Ireland at January 27, 2009

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Don’t run into big fights in a freshly-made mask. Ever. It’s a bad idea.

Turn up to a fight in a mask no-one recognises, and a lot of well-motivated and resourceful people will want to know who you are.

In a cape… well, you’re just asking for it.

Phil Hendren – Is the Labourist Editor a guy called Matthew Birks?

My answer (the short version): Yes

I looked in the same place Jag Singh looked a few days ago. I mention this only to point out that this connection was not visible until Matthew Birks registered nofourth.co.uk (a response to gofourth.co.uk) in his own name and then hosted both sites on the same server.

So I’m thinking he either got overconfident and sloppy, or he wanted to out himself in a particularly awkward manner.

Unity – Labourist – The BNP Connection?

It’s via a (maybe) relative in the same area. So calm, blue ocean.

Unity – He’s not a Tory, he’s a very naughty boy…

Again; calm, blue ocean. A (maybe) relative (maybe) involved.

But just as likely not.

Anyway, now would probably be a good time for Matthew Birks to say something.

UPDATE – Do keep in mind that there are more than a few Birks running around.


  1. mikkimoose says

    as I suspected, a Tory spoiler. But he's rather given that away by linking to the 'no 4th term' website….Now he's foolishly made himself infamous, he's trying to clean himself up.Various links from here:http://claimid.com/matthewbirksLinked in profile has been deleted.Deleted CV from http://matthewbirks.emurse.com/:Matthew BirksCalgary , Alberta T3K 0B1 Canadahttp://www.matthewbirks.com-OBJECTIVE:I want to use my sound judgement, commercial experience and clear, logical thinking in a growing business where individuals are empowered and high performance is appreciated and rewarded.-SKILLS:Web standards and usability; business process analysis; information dashboard design; writing and copy editing; contract negotiation; strategic alliance development; supplier management; application development; IT management; IT strategy and planning; HR strategy; gap analysis; business intelligence and reporting architecture.-WORK EXPERIENCE:Accenture, Performance Measurement & Analytics Lead, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (September 2006 – Present)As part of the North American BPO business, I lead a small team of developers and reporting analysts, responsible for delivering operational reporting and contract performance data to an audience of around 1500 users. Projects include information dashboard design with Business Objects Xcelsius and management of enterprise ASP/SQL 2005 reporting and scorecarding system.-Transaction Flow, Lead Consultant, London, UK (October 2005 – August 2006)Transaction Flow provides business advisory services, typically to law firms and geo-data providers in the UK. Projects include CRM implementation in a Legal 500 law firm, recruiting portal implementation, business process advice to a leading geo-data provider, setting up revenue sharing and strategic alliances and web strategy and architecture advice to a leading UK property firm.-The Live Organisation, Director, London, UK (February 2000 – October 2005)Live provide technology, marketing and call centre services to law firms, real estate agents and lending institutions in the UK. In this role, I was responsible for significant business process implementation in a fast growing business. Projects included crafting a white label branding offering for a distribution network, growing a supplier panel of around 400 law firms, structuring alliances with leading UK lenders, data providers and utility companies and building a management team from a cold start. I was heavily involved in the successful sale of the business to a major US financial institution and following completion of the deal, was appointed Managing Director and served in that capacity for 12 months.–EDUCATION:BA, Applied Linguistics, University of Wales (September 1989 – July 1990)

  2. Manic says

    Thanks, mikkimoose.I've withdrawn your second comment, as that's prob. a business address and an outdated residential address it contains, but I'd rather not risk it. Hope you understand.Martin hasn't turned up here yet, but he's denying a direct link to Chris Birks:http://www.ministryoftruth.me.uk/2009/01/27/labou

  3. mikkimoose says

    As you said, there are awful lot of berks around. Nothing to suggest he's related to BNP Chris.The addresses in Fleet and Alberta are public whois data (the kind he falsified on his labourist website).

  4. Manic says

    Berks? Who is this Berks fellow?;o)I'd rather not risk it after the Obnoxio/Holborn matter and other recent examples of personal data drama. Sorry.Still no word from Martin other than the comment at Unity's.

  5. Ian Appleby says

    "EDUCATION:BA, Applied Linguistics, University of Wales (September 1989 – July 1990)"Whatever else he is, the guy's a genius if he got a BA in one academic year…

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