It’s time to start cleaning up The Sun’s mess

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I’ve just wasted well over a day chasing The Sun in an attempt to get them to explain exactly why their Glen Jenvey article was removed.

Ideally, I would have liked to have gone from this starting point to a suggestion that they clean up their own mess and chase the many repeats and echoes of their article, but with the relevant information or some form of statement alone, I could have done this myself.

Now I’m forced to do so without even the aid of specifics or a statement.

I suspected the exercise would be a massive waste of time, but I wanted to give The Sun the opportunity for a number of reasons, the primary one being my wish to show you how readily they will abandon a false claim and yet do little or nothing to correct or arrest the wider impact it might have.

(This follows my proving that The Sun’s website comments are there purely for show, and provide no opportunity for engagement and no channel for accountability.)

Simply withdrawing the article from their website protects no-one but themselves.

Also, the withdrawal of the article from the website does not amount to a retraction, and one is clearly due in this case, as they have smeared a small community and a wider one with their nonsense.

But before I chase that retraction, it is now time for us to clean up The Sun’s mess while everyone watches them hiding in a corner (desperately hoping that not too many people notice that they based a front-page article on the lies of a man who is either a fraud or a fantasist).

Septicisle has already made a great start with input from a Telegraph journalist, published here on the Sun Lies’ blog.

Would anyone else like to help?

The clean-up project may be coordinated here or at The Sun: Tabloid Lies blog, but let’s get started with a show of hands. Via email is fine if you’re shy.

[Note #1 – mikkimoose has already done LOTS, so if he insists on taking on a task, I’m going to insist that it’s a fun one.]

[Note #2 – I’m sure The Sun will make some attempt(s) to correct their error once the pressure is on; in fact, I suspect they’ll go for Glen Jenvey in much the same way that they went for Karen Matthews, in the dim hope that their presently shouting in one direction will drown out their past shouting in an entirely opposite direction. But until that happens, it’s up to me… and you.]

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