MPs and expenses

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You may have slightly better prospects up or down your way, but I don’t think it’s unfair to say that writing my MP about this issue will be a waste of time. I’m pretty sure her mind is already made up, if it hasn’t been made up for her already by her Tory bosses.

Do you know how long it took her to produce the results of the pricey little survey* described in this post?

Six. Months.

Anne Milton has so far only paid lip service to transparency.

That, and my experience with the woman has taught me that she’s not above a little fraud.

(*Follow-up post is on the way; the one-page document only just arrived.)

UPDATE (21 Jan) – Tom Steinberg brings us the exciting news that the vote on concealing MPs’ expenses has been cancelled by the government.

But now Anne Milton has been robbed of an opportunity to prove me wrong.


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