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Posted by Tim Ireland at January 12, 2009

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1. The Sun’s article claiming that ‘top jews’ were being targeted by Muslims (that was in fact based on forum comments written by their quoted terrorism ‘expert’ posing as a Muslim) has been removed [404] from The Sun’s website without explanation.

2. Before their Jenvey-reliant article was withdrawn this morning, it carried 74 comments. The article carried 74 comments before it was discovered that it was based on fraudulent comments made by their quoted ‘expert’, and it carried 74 comments after it was discovered that it was based on fraudulent comments made by their quoted ‘expert’. In other words, no comments were published that would give any indication that something might be wrong with the story.

Below are the two comments I submitted, and the time/date of submission. These comments were not published.

The Sun were aware that something was wrong with the story, and they were specifically aware of the evidence proving exactly what was wrong with the story… and yet they refused to engage under comments, or even publish the questions/challenges that they still refuse to answer.

Comment submitted @ 15:13 on 08-01-2009 (and not published):

Misrepresentation of content aside, what do you say to the allegations that the key comments you condemn in this story were actually submitted to the forums by (a) a freelance journalist (b) who isn’t really a Muslim?

I can offer clear evidence of the latter if you feel you need it. The forum authors will already have been in touch about the former, I’m sure.

Comment submitted @ 22:38 on 08-01-2009 (and not published):

I now have evidence that the forum entries you express the most concern about here were actually written by Glen Jenvey. Do you have any response to that, or will you be discarding this comment also?

The Sun: no comment

Newspapers: Don’t purport to accept comments if you plan to refuse any meaningful criticism or scrutiny or, like pseudo-blogging losers ranging from David Miliband to Paul Staines, you will be cheating your readers by giving the impression that a channel for accountability exists where it is in fact refused outright.

Try an ‘applause’ button instead, and stop pretending to be something that you’re not.


  1. mikkimoose says

    I suspect The Sun are more arrogant than even The Daily Mail and you won’t get a response.Nice at least that they have acknowledged the story is fraudulent by deleting it – though that’s not going to make it disappear from the 200 or so other sites it got echoed too.

  2. Manic says

    "you won't get a response"I expect as much, but I'm in a unique position to prove it.:O)Showing the problem of "the 200 or so other sites", what they've echoed and what can be done about that is next.(At some stage I may even finally end up blogging about the Independent, whose editor refused to even discuss the correction of some data – unrelated to this event – that was clearly false/incorrect. I've stopped buying their paper as a result.)

  3. Tom says

    Would that editor be Decentish Blair worshipper Roger Alton, by any chance? My parents went back to the Times after 25-odd years with the Indy when he took over. It takes something special to make Murdoch's rag look the better option, I can tell you.

  4. Manic says

    It is indeed. I was a regular buyer of the Independent for 10+ years until he personally made it clear that he has scant regard for simple accuracy and accountability.Since then, they've not had a penny of mine apart from my purchase of the edition of their newspaper that led (LED!) the pack in print with Damian Green's 'grooming' spin. On that note, I also have significant doubts about current Deputy Political Editor, Nigel Morris.It's some comfort to know that I'm not alone, so thanks for that.

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