Glen Jenvey knows people

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 17, 2009

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Everything Jenvey emails me with from here on in is ‘on the record’ as far as I’m concerned. Last week, he took advantage and feigned a serious/extended illness in order to avoid answering questions (while conducting his usual ‘business’ behind the scenes) and he hasn’t changed his tune since last night.

Even now, with damning evidence piled at his feet, all he has to offer is an irrelevant email from some misguided NYPD analyst (in an email with the date blacked out, which probably dates back to 2-5 years ago when more people took him seriously) and this personal message in the subject header:

“the plot get’s deeper? your site is a joke! hope you never want to go to america…?”

Because Glen Jenvey knows people, you see. And it’s totally above board to use your law enforcement (pfft!) ‘contacts’ as political muscle.

Jenvey then claimed that he was going “to work” and wouldn’t be back until this evening. Yeah, right.

Notice the complete absence of any claim of innocence, just the threats and accusations of delusion.

Meanwhile, after weeks of radio silence, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles has finally been in touch. We’re still discussing what will or won’t be said on the record, but he’s not standing shoulder to shoulder with Jenvey by any means.

(Psst! Glen! You may want to clutch your archived emails that little bit closer… they could well be the only ‘friends’ you have left.)


  1. mikkimoose says

    actually, it has already happened:

  2. Manic says

    LOL! Is that real?

  3. Pete Connolly says

    That's how it looks right now all right. Ironic, or just total lack of effort.

  4. mikkimoose says

    It is real, whether or not it is our Glen Jenvey is impossible to say.But it seems Jenvey has been known to use facebook:…Not sure which of Jenvey's alter egos he used there.BTW, here's Jenvey on Newsnight in 2008: 2:40 – 3:24. Jenvey @ 3:01 [Nice imac, I wonder where Jenvey gets his money – he claims on Linked In to be a 'Security and Investigations Consultant and Professional' – so presumably somebody's hiring him]Claiming the police failed to act on his intelligenceJenvey features again (in full view in his lovely Wiltshire home, not blacked out, Paul Staines-style) at 6:27 to 7:38.He's described as a freelance terrorism investigator. Who pays for that?Here's a transcript of him on File on 4:…Unfortunately video of him on Newsnight on that same day does not appear to be extant.

  5. Manic says

    It'll be interesting to see what the BBC and other media outlets who trusted Jenvey will have to say about this. Surely they won't be so selfish as to ignore it or pretend that it never happened.(I can be adorably naive at times, but it's all an act. Really.)

  6. Manic says

    [Server is showing the strain of the site's popularity today. I'll try to keep on top of comment glitches.]

  7. Ummah says

    and of course most important..what would the Sun and South West News Agency have to say to this too..after all Dudman from the Sun likes to lick up to Jenvey

  8. mikkimoose says

    I blame Pearl. The route of all evil.

  9. Manic says

    I'm sure you meant 'stick up'.:o)I'll get to them eventually. Tabloid types are more likely to sweep mistakes under the carpet (a fair generalisation I think given their unique relationship with readers and their moral rightness that means never admitting you're wrong), and so they need a little more convincing to do the right thing.

  10. Ummah says

    Yeh sorry i meant "Stick up" lolDo you think this could be the start of Jenvey Cracking up (The emails from last night) – kinda reminds me of programs like CSI where the bad guy always cracks up in the end and cant take anymore and confesses!

  11. Manic says

    It looks like this is one spy…(dons sunglasses)… who *doesn't* love me.(pouts)(swivels)(turns)(exits, stage left)

  12. Ummah says

    Not sure about Jenvey and Facebook the link on the MPAC forum was a link back from Ummah about people trying to befriend Ummah administrators by using false namesIf you want to find their hangout check a group called "Cheerleaders" on facebook the lot of them hang on there making stupid outrageous claims such as" Shut down due to cheerleaders" when simply registration was shut off and they had a screenshot on their group showing "Registrations has been disabled by administrators"and another at the recent Luton riots the picture with women in veiled claiming to be guys undercover with a paint edited picture- the very own Al Hur Al Ayn group (Remember those!!?)Theres alot of other bullshit on there too Jenveys sort of stuff..laughable most of them!

  13. Manic says

    I'm aware of the Cheerleaders. Not too fussed about them.

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