How nice. [UPDATED – This smear is definitely the work of Glen Jenvey]

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 18, 2009

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Somebody based in the UK has been targeting Thai weblogs listed on this site, and leaving the following anonymous comment:

How very nice.

I deny it all, of course. As if I need to.

Please keep in mind that this may not be the work of Glen Jenvey, but instead someone (with admirable attention to detail) wishing to implicate him.

Thank you to The Bangkok Bugle for bringing this to my attention.

Unrelated link found on my travels: Amazing wire spaghetti pictures

UPDATE (2:20pm) – A much-appreciated summary of events to date from Richard Bartholomew. I’m not sure what I make of the wild conspiracy theories about the involvement of Glen Jenvey, but I am in the process of investigation, so I’ll keep you posted.

For those who are wondering, yes, this IMO is the moment when any blogger should feel justified in calling the police. The accusation of sex offences against young children is an accusation typically designed to harm more than reputation(s). I’ve witnessed and documented the tactic before, and there’s little grey area on it in a country where mobs form outside the home of paediatricians.

To overtly accuse someone of paedophilia, especially to do so while knowing that what you claim is false, is to undertake an act designed to prompt others to do the target harm.

IANAL: If this ever happens to you, my advice is to find and preserve evidence, stick to the facts (i.e. what you can prove) and get the event on record, at least.

UPDATE (5:40pm) – If this is a set-up, it’s a very thorough one, conducted by a very patient person who is either well-informed or quite possibly psychic.

Oh, who am I kidding? While Mr Jenvey Was feigning illness to buy time, he was also working on a story that he fed to the media via Patrick Mercer, and… well, let me run you though a timeline:

5 March – Jenvey, having been advised that he is ‘on the record’, signs off feigning illness, pleading with me not to mention specifics (I haven’t) and promising me a statement to the PCC to which I would be privy. In time, he will fail to deliver on this promise, citing legal reasons (mainly, his intention to sue the Guardian newspaper for linking to my website).

7 March – At about midday on this lovely sunny Saturday, someone using the IP address makes this addition to the Wikipedia entry for Anjem Choudary. Note the spacing error:

How very charming.

The undoubtedly false claim is quickly removed by another user, and then added again, this time by registered user ‘ToryBlue’:

How very revealing.

And so on as part of a series of revert battles involving the account ‘ToryBlue’ that reactivated this Wikipedia investigation linking it to the accusations that the PCC are in league with terrorists that can only be the work of Glen Jenvey or an associate who’s so extraordinarily close to him that it doesn’t make much difference either way.

15 March – An article appears in The Times with a quote/endorsement from Patrick Mercer (Con.) MP. The subject of what is clearly Glen Jenvey’s own special brand of investigation is Anjem Choudary:

The Times – Hate cleric leads jihad cash appeal: A recording has emerged of Anjem Choudary, a self-styled sharia judge and former leader of the banned group Al-Muhajiroun, telling his followers to stop spending their money on their families and divert it to Muslim soldiers waging jihad, or holy war. There were demands for Choudary to be investigated by police…. Patrick Mercer, chairman of the Commons subcommittee on counterterrorism, said: “It is crucial that Choudary is investigated by the police and if the evidence stacks up he must be charged.” Geoffrey Bindman, a leading lawyer, said: “There’s an element of ambiguity in the term ‘mujaheddin’ but in the context it’s possible he would be held to be seeking to raise money for terrorist purposes.” Choudary supporters taped a meeting last year at which he was preaching to disciples. A copy of the recording has been passed to The Sunday Times.

15 March – An article appears in the Daily Star with a quote from Patrick Mercer (Con.) MP and a response from Anjem Choudary:

Daily Star – MUSLIM NUTS SET UP ‘SUICIDE BOMB FIND’: HATE preacher Anjem Choudary is being investigated for allegedly urging supporters to send money to the Taliban. A tape emerged at the weekend of the Brit lawyer – whose supporters demonstrated against returning UK troops last week – allegedly telling a crowd to send cash to Muslim soldiers… Last night Patrick Mercer, the chairman of the Commons sub-committee on counter-terrorism, said: “It is crucial that Choudary is investigated by the police and if the evidence stacks up he must be charged.” But Choudary hit back saying calls for him to be investigated breached his human rights… Dad-of-three Choudary, 41, yesterday denied directly urging people to send cash to terrorists. “I don’t think I’ve ever said to people ‘raise money and send it to al-Qaida and the Taliban’,” he said. Choudary admitted he was worried he could be arrested but also hit back at critics, saying he had consulted his lawyer over ex-soldier Mr Mercer’s comments. He also accused journalists of “fabricating information and twisting facts to try to secure at least a prosecution against me”. He added: “All the police have to do is present the facts in a distorted way, and for MPs to put pressure on the Crown Prosecution Service and I could be arrested. What about my human rights?”

17 March – I blow the whole Jenvey/Mercer relationship wide open and name names at 9am. Jenvey claims I am delusional and promises to return “from work” at 9pm. He fails to live up to this promise, and instead decides to post a series of false claims about my being a “sex beast” and paedophile on Thai-based websites, weblogs and forums.

18 March – I know it is Jenvey for sure because the next day it is reported by the recipient of one of these paedo-smear comments that the IP address used to submit it was…., the same IP address used in the incredibly similar attack on Anjem Choudary.

The ‘terror expert’ Glen Jenvey was definitely and unmistakably the man responsible for these attempts to damage my reputation, prompt others to spread his lies and perhaps do me an injury, and implicate The Daily Mail in the process.

And whether he likes it or not Patrick Mercer MP is now visibly tied to it and needs to make a statement. ASAP.

What does Patrick Mercer have to say about some of the things that Glen Jenvey gets up to while collecting evidence that he later endorses in the press? Oh, and does he really plan on standing by while Glen Jenvey smears me (and the Daily Mail), just to save his own sorry arse?

UPDATE – Please read the statement from Patrick Mercer.


  1. Jonathan McCalmont says

    I had something like that happen to me a little while ago. Not quite THAT bad and libelous though.Just goes to show that you must be successfully pissing off people who deserve to be pissed off.

  2. Paul.Ferrari says

    Interesting use of the Apostrophe in that comment – must be a Greengrocer !

  3. Manic says

    You know, that's just what I was thinking. And I have been vocal about the poor quality of punnets lately.

  4. Unity says

    As I recall, Tim, the offence of criminal libel is still on the statute books.It's worth a complaint if only to push the Old Bill into pulling the IP data from Blogger and tracking the source.

  5. cheeks says

    "the plot get's deeper""Tim run's"If it is a frame job, they're doing well to copy the bad grammar.

  6. Ummah says

    "link's"Last "year's"".And"hmmmmmmm interesting very interesting…Sickos!Keep up the good work Tim we are all behind ya!

  7. Manic says

    Looking at all of it now.For the record, actual timestamp of the comment in GMT is 17 March 2009 21:34

  8. pro_tempore says

    Notice that the anonymous comment references "" three times, with nary a mention of "". Wonder if that's significant?

  9. mikkimoose says

    Hmm. Let's analyse the spelling and grammar problems:1. Incorrect spacing around punctuation marks.2. Grocers apostrophe, e.g., '5 year's ago' 'who run's'3. Inconsistent pluralization – e.g., 'picture' rather than pictures.4. Extraneous capital letters, e.g., 'Newspaper'5. Extraneous full stops6. Apostrophe missing from the possessive.7. Incorrect verb forms, e.g., 'They were remove' instead of 'removed'.8. Few actual spelling mistakes relative to the very poor grammar.Let's compare that with writing samples known to be by Jenvey:…Comment on his writing by an independent third party:"Your spelling is fine; it's your grammar that could use work. "By Jenvey:"i think this link should work. if it does when i worked for the sri lankan in 1995 israel was a friend to the sri lankan army. i hope i hope have been able to help you all back expose a evil terrorists sat in london.the message here posted on 10th july like i told the israeli military attache on sept 12th was a true warning of danger about abu hamza.… it warned on july the 10th of al-qaeda internet sites,banking,members in london .may-be i will be better understood next time.and america will listen to israel about these terrorists…sorry about my spelling"Shows the same characteristic dodgy spacing"english is not my best subject. but look at this link and you understand why abu hamza call's my sites mossad on the internet… bu the way not just russian i know most of the military attache in london and most arab one's are waiting for abu hamza terrorists refugees to return home for trail and death!"Posted by: glenjenvey at July 24, 2003 01:01 PMGrocer's apostropheIt's pretty plain–Anyway, I'm sure one of those sites will give you the poster's IP if you ask nicely (I'm sure you already have Jenvey's IP as he appears to be using AOL rather than something a credible 'freelance spy' with any sense would be using such as Hushmail).

  10. Manic says

    As I said, admirable attention to detail. Right down to the timing of the first appearance, half an hour after 9pm local time when (as blogged) Mr Jenvey said he expected to be home from 'work':…But I have no doubt that Mr Jenvey could produce an expert scan of his computer to prove that it was not used on any of the related websites.

  11. BenSix says

    Should we be relieved that "terrorism experts" are so ludicrously shit at spreading disinformation?Awesome work over the past few days, Tim. I'm not saying you've got him skewered, but I've seen hog roasts with more chance of escaping untouched.

  12. Mark says

    Tim, perhaps it's time to take a step back from all this. You're clearly going up against forces you cannot hope to combat. Easily-traceable, illiterate comments apparently left by a retarded infant on Asian weblogs is a classic first step by powerful men in destroying your very life. I think Sandra Bullock went through something similar in The Net.

  13. Manic says

    I'd want a clinical diagnosis on him being 'retarded', but otherwise, yes.It's obvious that I'm no match for Birdman, Falcon 7 *and* Inter-Nation Security, or whoever this is.

  14. Ummah says

    Good read from BartholomewGood Advice on going to the Police – maybe it will do Jenvey more good before he totally lose it and i can see him cracking to meltdown point poor thing! lol!

  15. Ummah says

    btw Tim Congratulations you've made it on the Front page of MPAC another and you are branded a "Hero"

  16. Manic says

    Ummah: Thank you. Heh. I'm a friend of the Muslims, me. If I had one of those rotating endorsement jobbies telling people what a great blogger I am, that would be on it.Oh, and I should remind folks again that so far there is only light circumstantial evidence in view and I'm still looking into the nooks and crannies of it. Jenvey may not be directly involved in any of this, and it would be unwise to give him the opportunity to make a diversionary fuss about false allegations.

  17. bandylank says

    I wonder what the Daily Fail or PCC would have to say on the matter?If this is GJ (very street of me) then he really must be in the mood for burning bridges.

  18. Manic says

    The Daily Mail peeps have the right to be informed… and I have now informed them.

  19. Ummah says

    Post from Ummah message to Jenvey

  20. bandylank says

    Well that dude is a moron.Yes Glen I called you a moron.Prove you are not and I will retract my statement.In other news I keep getting a 'service unavailable' message…what gives?I originally thought GJ was trying some sort of DDOS but it doesn't happen that often.Then again he is a moron.[mod – busy server under heavy demand causing outages. please be patient with comment glitches.]

  21. Seculariat says

    I read your blog quite frequently, but I've completely lost track of this Jenvey thing, could you possibly publish a webcomic that details it all in 5-6 panels. Thanks.

  22. Bartholomew says

    From Dr. Robert Hare's article on psychopaths:…'In psychopaths, inhibitory controls are weak, and the slightest provocation is sufficient to overcome them. As a result, psychopaths are short-tempered or hot-headed and tend to respond to frustration, failure, discipline and criticism with sudden violence, threats and verbal abuse…'Although psychopaths have a "hair trigger" and readily initiate aggressive displays, their ensuing behavior is not out of control. On the contrary, when psychopaths "blow their stack" it is as if they are having a temper tantrum; they know exactly what they are doing. Their aggressive displays are "cold;" they lack the intense emotional arousal experienced by others when they lose their temper.'

  23. Ummah says

    …. being the same ISP (opaltelecom) as "abuislam"Wonder what Stunt Jenvey Pulls up next?Start a Facebook fan club? lolI wait with eagerness…..

  24. mikkimoose says

    Hmm.Just in case anyone else had reversed that IP – the fact that it's registered to Opal Telecom (business ISP) doesn't imply that Jenvey has a job.In fact, this is a Talktalk IP.Tim, have you identified whether Jenvey is in fact jobless and accessing your site/emailing you from that same IP morning and night?PS. I'm not sure MPACUK 'get it'. You don't have to be a Muslim, or even a friend of Muslims to be opposed to Jenvey's lies and fraud.

  25. Ummah says

    mikki – with MPACUK what they probably mean is that without Tims help none of this stuff would have been exposed, with Tim coming to help Ummah and finding the link between Jenvey and the other aliases he has done Ummah which is the biggest Muslim Community forum on the Internet a huge favour so I guess this is why they are saying "A friend of a Muslim" since Tim helped out Ummah!

  26. mikkimoose says

    I wonder how long Talktalk keep their DHCP IP lease logs for.You might want to contact them to preserve evidence.You could also contact them for a full list of possible IP ranges owned by Talktalk that Jenvey might have used.

  27. Ummah says

    What is it with Jenvey and him going around making "Sexual" insults towards people?If Jenvey does dissapear or decides to "Retire" then in some way I'll miss his sheer stupidity!

  28. Andrew says

    I mentioned before that I got this comment on my blog. The IP was the same one as updated Wikipedia. [snip][mod: Pardon my snip and copynpaste: is assigned to Opal Telecom Ltd. and is used in their customer dynamic IP pool for TalkTalk UK]

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