Morning, all!

Posted by Tim Ireland at March 4, 2009

Category: Old Media, Rupert 'The Evil One' Murdoch, The Political Weblog Movement, Updates

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Wednesday, March 4th, 2009
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Two pretty things to kick us off:

1. I made an art.

2. While I’ve got you nicely freaked out, here’s a little sample of what manufactured pop used to sound like.

And now, to business:

I shared a direct email exchange with our Mr Jenvey last night and I expect our conversation to continue later today.

Also on the immediate horizon is a little show of numbers in the media war.

Brace yourselves.

UPDATE (12pm) – It goes slowly with Mr Jenvey, who has just signed off for a time. The short version is that I’m willing to take on board all claims of’s involvement with terrorism and listen with great interest to anything he’s got to say on the record, but Glen’s doing everything he can to avoid answering this question:

Did you register to comment on using the profile names ‘saddam01’ and/or ‘r.tims’ ?

(I should point out that, in reply to this question, Mr Jenvey has again denied posting as ‘abuislam’. Twice.)


  1. Sim-O says

    "sample of what manufactured pop used to sound like."What? very, very quiet? ;-)

  2. D-Notice says
  3. D-Notice says
  4. D-Notice says

    Bah! My internets broke while replying, so the dreaded double-post has occurred!

  5. Manic says

    Oh, you. It's my Internets that are broken, so hush.BTW, let's leave this double-post up so everybody knows what one looks like. That way, we'll have something to look back on fondly once they finally come to an end.Re: linkI roffled.

  6. Bartholomew says

    Excellent. The General and I go back a long way – I had hoped that flagging up Obsession would generate some US interest.

  7. Ummah says

    ROFL @ the Link who wrote that??Thanks Tim btw be interesting to see what Jenvey comes up with in your correspondence!

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