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As you can see, I’ve been a busy boy this lunchtime.

Below is the first round in what I hope won’t have to become a series of open letters:

Open letter to James Harding (editor of The Times)
Open letter to Lloyd Embley (editor of The People)
Open letter to Dawn Neesom (editor of the Daily Star)
Open letter to Rebekah Wade (editor of The Sun)
Open letter to Paul Dacre (editor of the Daily Mail)
Open letter to Peter Hill (editor of the Daily Express)
Open letter to Martin Townsend (editor of the Sunday Express)

Apart from the minor overlap with the Dunblane matter, today’s list of targets in this (ahem) polite letter-writing campaign results from a quick run-down of newspapers running with a recent Anjem Choudary story, those carrying older stores likely to involve Glen Jenvey and his unique brand of ‘research’, and/or names shamelessly dropped in some as-yet-unpublished audio in my possession.

On the subject of the recent Anjem Choudary story, I will happily state that so far it merely stinks of Jenvey’s involvement, and there is only the suspicion* that Jenvey was trying to flush out Choudary and/or his supporters when he planted false claims in Anjem Choudary’s Wikipedia entry claiming [sic]; “His wife left him when she found out he was Gay in 2008”

(*It’s clear that he did this thing, but we cannot be sure of the exact motive at this time.)

Meanwhile, Jenvey is still at it in more ways than one, spreading his smears each and every night until the wee small hours, and more than one provider of interwebs services is proving to be a little bit useless on the customer support front. Ho-hum.


  1. Ummah says

    Thanks TimBe interested to see how or *if* the sun responds to this especially since they are in the middle of a legal case with Sir Alan, so be interesting to see what they reply..something is telling me I doubt you will hear from themOn the Side note you probably already know but you seen the number of websites that has picked up the smear campaign against you..just google it up theres so many sites out there that Jenvey has been spamming…pathetic!

  2. Manic says

    Oh, I totally expect to be ignored by most if not all of these champions of the public interest.After all, why should they admit to having taken the word of a fantasist, when they can instead pretend that none of this is happening?

  3. Ummah says

    Did you actually get any response from anyone?

  4. Manic says

    No, but I'm just getting started.

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