Andrew Gilligan in OCTOPUPPET: a short film about sock-puppets

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 30, 2009

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Thursday, April 30th, 2009
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I am hoping that you will like my new video very much. It’s all about a little incident involving Andrew Gilligan and sock-puppets, and I was right in the middle of the spectacular James Bond fantasy finale when I tripped over a little man with his own James Bond fantasy finale on the horizon.

Anyway, it’s finally finished, and ready for your viewing pleasure:

Andrew Gilligan in OCTOPUPPET: a short film about sock-puppets from Tim Ireland on Vimeo.

There are a few things that make this new video special, but one of the neatest bits is that all major threads relevant to the Andrew Gilligan sock-puppeting event (and external to have been preserved in this video with some 350+ screen captures forming the 14-second ‘rush’ sequence. No matter what happens to these websites in the future, the relevant bloggage will be locked up inside this animation like a little time capsule… so future generations may know the greatness of Andrew Gilligan and his works.

(A moment of amusement for you; mid-production, I left a message to that effect in one of those since-abandoned threads, only to provoke a gloriously typical if not entirely self-aware response from the sad sock-puppeting bastard who constantly trolls the Liberal Conspiracy site under the name ‘cjcjc’.)

All credits etc. are also in the video, but here I’d like to send a special message of thanks to comment regular Scotch, who was most helpful during the creative process and the long dry spells.

UPDATE – Turns out my timing’s good, as Andrew Gilligan is busy disgracing himself again. Read all about it here, here and here, and (more recently) here.


  1. Guy Gooberman says

    Wonderful, wonderful stuff Tim.*pat on the back*

  2. beaubodor says


  3. Seculariat says

    Nice, though hearing sock puppeting and Andrew Gilligan masturbating at the same time, makes me think of Charlie Brooker masturbating with an oven glove with a face on it on Screenwipe. Maybe that's what he meant by his "partner", eh?

  4. scotch says

    Aww shucks (blushes).Cheers, mate.

  5. mikkimoose says

    My favourite sockpuppeting incident: sockpuppeting for Jesus.

  6. Alex J Thomas says

    Hey look – Gilligan attempts to out a sockpuppet himself:

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