Iain Dale plays the victim, yadda yadda yadda

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 16, 2009

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“So he’s now going to launch a spamming initiative against me or try to instigate a DNS attack.” – Iain Dale

This is an incorrect assumption at best. Given Iain Dale’s past history, it is more likely to be a lie.

My solution to the problem of Iain Dale is far more elegant, and quite legal, I assure you.

Also, Iain has revealed that he did indeed listen to the many messages I left with him begging him to help me make a true and efficient statement to police regarding the Glen Jenvey claims that I’m a convicted paedophile, and those asking when exactly he would be removing other false claims about me hosted on his website

Iain refused to cooperate on both fronts,and his portrayal of multiple messages is a dishonest. one. I’m amazed that he would parade this version of events in front of his readers and still not address what he has done.

[UPDATE – If you really think you’re being harassed, Iain… call the police! I’m sure they’ll appreciate you giving them less than half of the story just like you’ve just done to your readers. Dickhead.]


  1. pro_tempore says

    An unannounced change by Dale: DNS has now become DOS, possibly sometime after this comment:http://iaindale.blogspot.com/2009/04/parish-notic

  2. James says

    Maybe the 'DNS attack' is what's making all those comments disappear?

  3. Justin says

    I bet he had to look up DNS/DOS as well. Or have one of mini-mes tell him.

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