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Posted by Tim Ireland at April 16, 2009

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Thursday, April 16th, 2009
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All email to has been temporarily suspended in order to keep the site stable during the clean up after an exceptional spam attack today (a coincidence that I can assure you has little to nothing* to do with Iain Dale).

If you wish to reach me by email before tomorrow, please use the gmail address:

bloggerheads DOT com AT googlemail DOT com

If you have sent an email today and I have not answered you, then you will have to wait until tomorrow or resend your message via Gmail.

Cheers all.

(*I say ‘little to nothing’ rather than ‘nothing’ because some people have reacted to Iain’s side of the story by submitting my email address to BNP newsletters and the like, so there’s an incremental influence, but I mention that merely to be accurate. I wouldn’t want to play it like the vicar and give a false impression of who has been doing what.)


  1. MrBlackett says

    I don't know why you and Iain don't just get on with things and give each other a good, odd-fashioned seeing to. We all know this animosity stems from long-suppressed primal desire. Just get it out of your system and everyone will be much happier.

  2. Manic says

    I'm sure it will be more fun and more hygienic to simply fuck with Iain on his site by greatly complicating his unique version of comment maintenance:…Iain once admitted privately to me that he often lets comments through maybe 20 at a time without checking them first. (See what I mean about less than half the story?) He won't be doing that again for a long, long time… and I don't have to break any laws or even any rules to do it.

  3. Pete Connolly says

    Hmmm..I can't say that I see any sexual tension in the posts I've read, bit if such congress should take place I'd get myself checked out very rapidly Tim.Maybe I'm naive, but the fact that you back your position up with things like 'quotes' and 'facts' and 'evidence' lends Mr Dale a bad press to my independent opinion. Only recently I shouted at my car radio when Mr. Dale was introduced as a 'blog pundit' of some sort. Pretty shameless on his part, knowing his tactics, and I can safely say that at some point he _will_ come unstuck – hopefully to the same degree as the odious Derek Draper.Also, congratulations on the popbitch link today, maybe that's hitting the bandwidth a wee bit? 20,000 extra people now know Nadine is a muppet. You should be given an award for services to democracy :)-[MOD: Naughty, suggesting Iain is likely to have a social disease. A Draper/McBride proto-smear went there and it was universally unpopular. Also, claims like that are likely to mislead and confuse people who are not aware that Iain Dale *is* a social disease.]

  4. Pete Connolly says

    You run a tight ship here Tim. Firm but fair :)

  5. Manic says

    Cheeky boy.(slaps wrist)(offers biscuit)

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