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For those who came in late:

Bloggerheads – Iain Dale hates me *this* much

An investigation into a serial liar has led to someone being falsely and maliciously accused of paedophilia (again), only this time, I was a direct target. I say ‘again’, because a very similar thing happened in Guildford a few years ago. Iain did not act over Guildford, even though his denouncing of ‘the deed if not the man’ or something similar could (and still maintain would) have been decisive.

This time, Iain was again in a unique situation to help bring a halt to an obvious paedo-smear, because I (being an inconvenient member of the great unwashed) was having difficulty getting past the staff of a Conservative MP that he happened to know.

At that stage, Patrick Mercer (Conservative Member for Newark) was still publicly aligned with serial fantasist and paedo-smearing liar Glen Jenvey, and it was vital to get word directly to Mercer; for his benefit, as well as mine.

Iain Dale, being a former associate of Patrick Mercer, was the only blogger I knew who could contact him directly and let him know what was going on. So I asked him to do that.

Almost a full day passed, and I had to chase Iain (!) for progress or a progress report. Iain then claimed to have made contact, and said nothing when I replied giving the clear impression that I thought that Mercer knew about what was going on from that point on.

What followed was a sleepless night of me wondering how the hell I was going to tackle the problem of an MP willing to stand by and allow me to be smeared as a paedophile.

But Mercer wasn’t standing by and allowing it, because didn’t know about it at all at that stage; in fact, he didn’t know about it until I went and told him myself. When I sourced a copy of his mobile number and called him, it was the first he’d heard of it.

But when I confronted Iain about this, it took him close to 10 hours to deliver this excuse:

Thanks, Iain!

He did what I asked him to do?!

No, he didn’t.

I asked him to contact Patrick Mercer, not his bloody secretary, or his researcher or his effing dog walker.

I wrote/spoke specifically of having difficulty getting past staff in his office, and like anyone else in the country, I could have called/emailed either of Mercer’s offices myself at any time, and had already done so, otherwise how could I be having difficulty getting past them… and Iain or anyone else with an IQ above 85 should have known all of that even if I weren’t entirely specific about my need to contact Patrick Mercer personally so he personally was aware of the situation. Which I was.

There are limited circumstances in which you can substitute custard for ice cream.

It’s not rocket science, but Iain expects me to believe that he’s unbelievably stupid.

And even if he *is* this bloody stupid:

1. Thanks for being so lazy in my time of need, Iain. Glad to see you took my reminding you of the bad blood that remains over the Guildford incident for you to really stretch yourself and do something that would have no effect whatsoever

2. This is where lying about calling someone a ‘nihilist’ on the basis that you don’t even know what the word means costs you. So if you’re telling the truth this time, Iain, it’s dumped you in the shit because you’ve lied your arse off in the past. See how it works?

Iain’s claim to privacy is morally dubious at best, but I’ve pixelated one paragraph of unrelated waffle (something about a dog eating homework) just in case there’s anything truly sensitive in it. Which I doubt.

(Psst! From here on in, Iain Dale gets the same treatment as the lying smear-merchant Glen Jenvey; everything he says to me is on the record, and I’ll dig up and publish past emails as and when I please because Iain has shared my private emails with his mates before, and I am sick of his stonewalling me, telling me lies when he does have the balls to answer me, insisting that his lies remain confidential, and then making out to his readers that I’m upset with him and/or pursuing him for no good reason.)

Five days have passed since that email and this follow-up post, and Iain has refused to say anything further.

Instead, he’s banned me from his weblog, and is now publishing the usual bullshit comments about me being an attention-seeking authoritarian conspiracy theorist, and making out that I’m imagining or inventing some or all of this in an effort to ‘get’ him.

Because I’m the paranoid one, obviously.

I go head to head with people I disagree with, but I’m not a bastard about it, I don’t lie to people, and I don’t cheat them (or my readers) when they try to have their say under comments like Iain does.

FFS, he even does it when talking about football!

To repeat:

If you are falsely accused of being a paedophile and Iain Dale doesn’t like you or your politics, then Iain will stand by doing as little as is humanly possible, even when he’s in a unique position to help. I’ve watched him do it twice now, and I have the email records to prove it.

More people need to know how low this man can go. They also need to know that his claim to be an authentic, accountable and friendly blogger is nothing but a stage front.

I look forward to Iain making out that I am doing so because I am jealous of his ‘talent’ as a writer.

[Psst! Vote for horns, please.]

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