I’m sorry, but Paul Staines *is* homophobic

Posted by Tim Ireland at April 11, 2009

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For the sake of brevity, I must leave to one side the dishonest/one-eyed way in which Iain Dale defended Carol Thatcher, and Iain (again) peddling his self-serving nonsense about political representation in the weblog community, and instead draw your attention to a misleading claim about Paul Staines (aka ‘Guido Fawkes’) that Iain has now seen published by two newspapers in two different opinion pieces on the ‘Smeargate‘ story he’s so desperate to be a part of.

I know how these people work because I have been a victim of their covert operations. McBride ordered his attack puppy bloggers, who include Derek Draper, to smear me as a racist after I tried to explain Carol Thatcher’s use of the word ‘golliwog’ in a BBC green room. He did the same with Guido Fawkes, who found himself tainted as ‘homophobic’. – Iain Dale in the Mail

He has accused me of racism and Guido Fawkes of homophobia. How low can you get? It now transpires that these accusations emanate directly from Downing Street. – Iain Dale in the Telegraph

Yes, and the ‘accusation’ that Paul Staines is homophobic “emanate(d) directly from Downing Street” in the same way that this ‘accusation’ now emanates from Bloggerheads.com:

Sometimes, the sky is blue.

Describing Paul Staines as homophobic is not an accusation, but a statement of fact.

Paul Staines still maintains the position that by implying that a certain MP was a paedophile several times in his failed podcast venture ‘Guido and the Monkey’, he was in fact hinting that the MP was gay.

How is it not homophobic to equate homosexuality with paedophilia?

Is it Paul’s position that he was merely confused at the time… and the next morning, and every day up until now?

Or is it Paul’s position that he was merely drunk at the time… and the next morning, and every day up until now?

To equate homosexuality with paedophilia in the way that Staines did is clearly a form of irrational discrimination against homosexual men.

Paul Staines can therefore be fairly described as ‘homophobic’.

End of.

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