Meet the new Billy Brit

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 27, 2009

Category: Tolerance

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Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
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A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting on Teh Twitter with some like-minded people and we happened across this video of a BNP puppet designed to teach Teh Kids about how cool it is to be white (or something like that):

It was then discovered that the BNP folks had not only helped themselves to a few stock images, but also bought a bog-standard store-bought puppet and presented it as an original character.

This meant that anyone could buy an identical copy of the puppet and use it to mock the BNP… which is exactly what I’ve gone and done. Many thanks to Mike Power for the finance and Chris Applegate for the idea.

Billy Br*t (the racist sh*t)

Share and enjoy, good people… share and enjoy. Oh, and don’t forget to use the all-important tag if you mention this on Twitter: #theBNParetwats

UPDATE – Here’s the reaction on b3ta/links


  1. 5cc says

    That, my friend, is bloody genius!

  2. Matt Wardman says

    Excellent. Pushed it as far as I can.

  3. 5cc says

    Fat fascist not appearing on Palace lawn:…Can't say the same for slimmer weird ones though.

  4. errorgorilla says

    Wonderful. I might get one of those puppets for my own Billy Brit story.

  5. philgreg says

    Anyone wanting to make their own reply to billy Brit…get your puppets here.

  6. Manic says

    Well, we bought ours here, but do let me know if you find this same puppet in the UK:

  7. Dave Cole says

    LOL**tips hat**

  8. Ummah says


  9. Blogs says

    Brtitblog roundup 224: End of Half Term version

    Typing a roundup squashed in a chair surrounded by boxes and builders junk is a real endurance test.

  10. Uponnothing says

    Youtube – Yoof BNP: Billy Br*t (the racist sh*t)

    Tim Ireland and co have struck gold again with this Youtube video mocking the BNP attempt at ‘educating’ children. The story is this:So there we were on Twitter one day saying #theBNParetwats when up pops this video of Billy Brit, a BNP-su…

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