Meet the new Billy Brit

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Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
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A couple of weeks ago, I was chatting on Teh Twitter with some like-minded people and we happened across this video of a BNP puppet designed to teach Teh Kids about how cool it is to be white (or something like that):

It was then discovered that the BNP folks had not only helped themselves to a few stock images, but also bought a bog-standard store-bought puppet and presented it as an original character.

This meant that anyone could buy an identical copy of the puppet and use it to mock the BNP… which is exactly what I’ve gone and done. Many thanks to Mike Power for the finance and Chris Applegate for the idea.

Billy Br*t (the racist sh*t)

Share and enjoy, good people… share and enjoy. Oh, and don’t forget to use the all-important tag if you mention this on Twitter: #theBNParetwats

UPDATE – Here’s the reaction on b3ta/links

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