Nadine Dorries and one or two stays at The Carlton Club

Posted by Tim Ireland at May 16, 2009

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OK, so there’s this place called The Carlton Club where “only persons of full age who support the Conservative Party shall be eligible for membership” and they offer hotel-style accommodation to their members.

From what I can make out from the shouty account of Nadine Dorries (republished in part by the Telegraph), this is what’s going on:

A friend of Nadine’s stayed in one of these hotel-style rooms on New Year’s Eve 2006 after DEFRAUDING THE CLUB BY POSING AS A MEMBER AND FALSELY USING THE NAME ‘MR N DORRIES’!!!

Somehow, most likely through the normal billing channels for members, the invoice for this accommodation wound up in the hands of Nadine Dorries or passing through the office of Nadine Dorries, and HER OFFICE THEN ATTEMPTED TO FRAUDULENTLY PASS THIS EXPENSE ON TO THE TAXPAYER!!!

However, in Nadine’s mind, because the claim was rejected and she personally did not stay in the room, SHE IS TOTALLY INNOCENT AND THE VICTIM OF A WITCH-HUNT! ZOMG!!!

Further, she needn’t answer any questions about a similar bill for holiday accommodation “a few days before Christmas” BECAUSE SHE HAS NEVER STAYED IN A HOTEL ROOM ON NEW YEAR’S EVE, EVAH!!! EVAH EVAH EVAH!!!

I’m sure Nadine’s lawyer’s will correct me if I’m wrong here, but SHE’S FUCKING HAVING US ON, ISN’T SHE?!!!


  1. Sim-O says

    "SHE'S FUCKING HAVING US ON, ISN'T SHE?!!!"That would depend on whether she actually believe the shite she's written on this subject… and going by previous examples of Ms Dorries' logic and reasoning, I fear not.Witch-hunt? Now, now. She may believe in all sorts of magic and hocus pocus, but I'm sure she isn't a practitioner.

  2. Manic says

    You misunderstood me; it was rhyming slang.

  3. OllyReader says

    Isn't it ironic how all her justifications seem to revolve around "her girls" – you know, the girls whose privacy she is so keen to protect.I tried to make that comment on her blog post. For some reason it didn't make it past moderation.Perhaps I'm just a kiddy fiddler…

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